41: KY Jelly and Yeast Infection Cream for natural hair!

Hey guys! I saw two articles (links below) that detail what I mentioned in the video. Read them and get back to me with your thoughts, experiences, and comme…


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  1. Hello There! Nice video thanks! Sorry to intrude but I’d like to know if
    you heard of “BRENDT MIRACLE YEAST INFECTION CURE” (check google) My
    co-worker told me incredible things about it and now she doesn’t get any
    yeast infection outbreaks! It worked for her boyfriend too!

  2. 95% of all people that deal with candida result in worse than when they
    started! For stopping it entirely, you must learn what causes it as well as
    a verified method that works.

  3. fabric softener?! idk the monisat thing has been around for a while, i
    havent tried it though- but i asked my friend who’s a biochemist and she
    says the active ingredient does promote hair growth… and headaches!

  4. Pls excuse my typos i have a hard time typing on this phone lol

  5. JennifersWorldReviews henry Reply August 18, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    opps dr say it does work .. but im kool on that dont do it everything ant
    meant to be ok

  6. @granolahead, personally I haven’t tried any of those things, however
    depending on the ingredients, I can see how those who are dedicated to
    alternative methods of growing hair could possibly notice the content in
    ingredients of those items being beneficial to hair. That being said, . . .
    I am trying to find a cheaper method to maintain my hair being a curly girl
    method naturalist, and last I knew, monistat, KY and the others you
    mentioned are expensive! I have 4 naturalist in my household

  7. I tried the monistat for growth and it gave me horrible headaches. I will
    not be trying no other methods. My skin is very sensitive and I am not
    willing to take tricks to the emergency room because of a fad.

  8. I’ve actually heard of monistat for growth, there’re naturals on Youtube
    who use it. One Youtuber admitted using Monistat previously & only on her
    nape area for a few weeks says she made a mixture using it (she had
    positive results). But I think the people who get growth might have
    actually had a scalp fungue & didn’t know it stopped their natural hair
    growth, you know from improper hair care or improper wig, weave, extentions
    hair care,etc. Would I try it? The name alone would stop me, lol

  9. hey girl so sorry to hear about your muscloskeletal issues. may I ask how
    old you are? i’m asking to get an idea if there’s an average age to develop
    these problems. I also so sadly have scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis all
    over & the arthritis is baaaad. chiropractors are life savers. yoga is
    great too. maybe we can share somegood tips on what helps. my scoliosis
    is/was more on my left shoulder – but has improved a lot with yoga

  10. I have heard of the use of dryer sheets (fabric softener) to get rid of
    odor in the hair, like cigarette smoke or fried food smells and it honestly

  11. Yeast cream works but all the rest of that stuff I dont know lol

  12. Working as a RN in the ER, ppl have yeast infection everywhere!!! From ppl
    not taking care of themselves and gaining too much weight and having yeast
    fall from the rolls on their stomach!!! Obviously, morbidly obese to baby’s
    face not being wiped properly and having yeast infections on their face!!!
    So with that being said, I’ll do!!! Lol!!!

  13. Monistat does work…hadn’t heard of the KY or fabric softner but I think
    what people initially think of is what the products are used for and makes
    them go ewwww hahaha…it’s not like you are gonna use the product for the
    intended purpose then use it on your hair. It’s coming straight out of the
    tube. The ingredients in KY look similar to stuff found in alot of hair
    products anyway.

  14. I have heard of Monistat and creams like it being used for hair growth. If
    I remember correctly it supposedly rids the scalp of bacteria that slows
    hair growth. I am not curious enough to try it. It supposedly causes bad
    headaches .

  15. @granolahead, that being said, I won’t be trying it. I need a simple, more
    economical, way to maintain and increase hair growth, not more expensive,
    and those tubes are small. I have no desire to try that. Thank God I have
    no bags under the eye issue, and I’m good with hair growth. However if they
    could tell me how to keep gray hairs at bay longer without having to
    continuously henna to cover my grays, I would jump on that in a heart beat.
    I only henna for gray coverage

  16. I’ll have some breast milk for you in a couple of months LMAO!!! ACV will
    cut down on your frizz. How long do you have to put the cream in your hair
    ??? SN: I love that song!!1 Its one of my favs

  17. Lol you are hilarious, I’ve heard of the vag cream working, but never tried

  18. Lol… What do I do with my leftover Monistat???? Hmmm…. Hilarious!

  19. Hell naw…none of that. No gun play ma’am…not even purple water ones…
    Stac dog…;)

  20. warriorsjourney0610 Reply August 19, 2014 at 6:36 am

    I have heard of some of that foolishness but have not & will not try that.
    More importantly, sorry 2 hear of ur Dx. I have the same Dx & then some.
    Take care.

  21. People r to impatience now and days.

  22. JennifersWorldReviews henry Reply August 19, 2014 at 7:24 am

    it shedds ur hair ppl say .. its cheap $6 in la,ca .. ive never done it

  23. Girl!! Im usually one down to try anything if it means faster hair growth
    but i gotta pass in this one lol.. & my gair isnt cotton like enough for
    fabric softener ppl really need to stop with all dis “leftover
    experimenting” lmao

  24. Im scuurd to do that lol

  25. Huh??? Ok let me first say I pray for your back and neck. Second OMG what
    is wrong with peope….Like this natural hair alternative products and what
    ever else people are using is going to far! Wow….

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