Are You Using Grapefruit Seed Extract Yet?

GSE And Candida Treatment, How Grapefruit Seed Extract Can Help Battle Against Your Candida Yeast Infection. Today I’d like to talk about grapefruit seed ext…
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  1. Hi Eric, I cant register cause Malaysia is not in the list but Mongolia is
    LOL! So what next? Thanks

  2. Hi Eric,

    I have an infection in my gut, i got it 4 years ago in India while working
    there. I know its some sort of germs in my gut and I need this product in
    liquid. I live in Malaysia and everyone is like… what’s that? when I
    mentioned the product. So hopeless is the Malaysian pharmacist in helping
    me get the product. This product works even for so called IBS even if as
    my doctor tells me otherwise, but I am certain the product will sort me
    out. I tried the supplement in pill form from the shelf and my condition
    reduced by 30% but I need the liquid. I do not suffer from IBS but … Can
    you please help me to get this product delivered to me in Malaysia?

  3. Hi there.. the url didn`t load on the page for the product. Is it called
    Very good informative videos thank you.

  4. I am using the product now(canxida), I will definitely give a review of the
    product after a month or two.

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