Best Natural Candida Cure | 10 Day Juice Fast (Recap)

I am cured of Candida Overgrowth and I cured myself naturally. I achieved this by embarking on a 40 day candida cleanse and then a 10 day juice fast. After t…


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  1. when i did my 1 week juice fast one thing that was told to me and really
    helped was to chew the juice.. yes chew it.. don’t just drink it in 1 2 3.
    sounds kinda strange to do this because there is not much to chew on but it
    really does make a difference 😉 But WOW what a mignificant feeling i had
    after fasting. indeed did not feel hungry.. only after day 4 i also missed
    out on chewing and started to mis sollid food.. but when you chew the juice
    and take it slowly this feeling of need to eat something other than juice
    went away. felt revived, even the collor of my eyes changed! Keep in mind I
    consumed a mix of different juices, combined it with at home clysma’s,
    daily liver compresses
    and a liver cleanse on day 5 over 200 little soft liver ‘stones’ came out
    of me, daily sauna and fitness. I was reborn! Thanks for sharing your video
    really helpfull

  2. Roland Allan Cordero Reply March 6, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    You cnnot disturb candida you need to kill it, then repopulate gut gut

  3. What symptoms were you experiencing when you had candida? Did they all go
    away after 10 days?

  4. Hass have a question. Can I eat food during the 10 day juice?!?! 

  5. Hi Jas i’ve been diagnosed with BV i’m taking antibiotics and alongside
    this pro-biotics because i know antibiotics can cause thrush and although i
    don’t have thrush the bad memories remain as i took antibiotics a while
    back and i was young and didn’t know how to deal with it. Your natural BV
    cure sounds great i’m trying the salt baths as well! i would like to have a
    conversation with you via email, around this topic! as i have some info
    that may help you as well in your fight! keep up the good work and god
    bless. xx

  6. Great video!!

  7. How do you know you dont have a candida overgrowth anymore? Just curious

  8. GetHealthyWith Jass Reply March 6, 2015 at 9:00 pm
  9. Your feedback is oh so helpful. So all in all can you say that the 10 day
    juice cleanse really helped with getting rid of candida

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