Cancer and the Candida Epidemic. Fight the Parasite.

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  1. It is impossible to fathom the mind set of these degenerates. People I
    thought deserved my respect I now loath, and am ashamed I did not know
    their crimes that include torture, mayhem, murder, mass
    murder……cruelty on a scale that boggles the mind, and they still show
    their ugly faces in this nation and take bows, without shame….of course
    Rumsfield comes to mind, as well as Rockefeller, he sold turpentine, and
    kerosene as cancer cures until he found out he could make more money with
    chemo therapy. I am using turpentine to fight parasites,
    candida……google it……turpentine for human consumption…..a miracle

  2. Could someone explain to me how the doctors could be clueless to this, as
    mentioned in the video? I agree they seem to follow a specific path of
    medicinal practice but are their intentions sinister, or just ignorant?

  3. Christine Chintamani Reply September 6, 2014 at 7:03 am

    Thank you for this : )

  4. Excellent presentation, I found out the hard way. Wish I had know this (&
    some other things) much sooner. THANK YOU…

  5. So awesome you care enough to help educate the public into taking a pro
    active natural self healing. Thank you

  6. @Elysiume Same could be said for your post if you look at it from the other
    angle. Some need to brighten up, is it you or those who think like you or
    them who believe in Candida? Do you think it exists? Maybe not the cause of
    Cancer, but I am pretty sure your body does have Candida bacteria in it.
    Some have it worse, some less.

  7. Interesting, except for the end where you went crazy with the conspiracy
    illuminati stuff. Also, if these “reptilians” control everything, how do we
    know they aren’t tampering with all of these “vitamin” supplements?

  8. Thank you

  9. they only diagnose in certain countries – a friend’s aunt was sick for
    years until she went to a dr in australia. In the UK and USA the only time
    they will actually treat candida overgrowth is if you are already dying of
    Aids or cancer. If you suggest to them you have an overgrowth otherwise
    they will basically just snarl at you from personal experience, until you
    actually demonstrate the results (smirk)

  10. Actually they are buying out or destroying every good pure holistic organic
    business they can. They would like you to have to get a prescription for
    everything, thats why they want to genetically modify everyone so they can
    own you with a patent. Got it? One must do the research like its homework.
    Alex Jones does alot for you so you don’t spend forever on every topic.

  11. Jim Humble’s MMs will kill Candida, fungus and yeast …cost only pennies
    for enough to last a year.

  12. read up on this awhile back, so true, it is a great info…worthy of being
    shared, as I have before, will do so because this can save so many lives.
    …it saved me.

  13. Go to Yahoo News and search: “Calcium supplements linked to heart attacks:
    study”. It’s amazing how they will take any angle they can to make us
    scared to fight off the monsters they have fed and continue to feed with
    processed gunk. Thank you FF for this as well as the text file. I only hope
    I can help my fiancee before it is too late.

  14. Gr8 article… The cancer scam has killed billions!!!!

  15. One must ask now if this is one of the fungus found being sprayed in the
    chemtrails or if the chemtrails do something to perpetuate this growing

  16. Thank you my friend.

  17. it is how demons manifest on this plane … try fighting against it 🙂 they
    will revolt, bring out hell from within. literally.

  18. You forgot to mention that Hemp Oil Extract is effective at curing cancer
    as well. Research Rick Simpson “Run from the Cure”, Hemp Oil Extract is
    very effective at curing cancer and other terminal diseases. Great video
    though and yes very comprehensive.

  19. Thanks for sharing this great information

  20. i thought baking soda arm and hammer brand has aluminum content? is it ok
    to drink baking soda 1 tablespoon dillute in to water?

  21. Brilliant, thank you great man.

  22. Cocanut oil Cocanut oil and more Cocanut oil as well as a Paleo primal
    diet.Search Bee Wilder on internet

  23. I’ve been suffering from all of those symptoms and then some, yep I’m
    turning into a Mushroom! The statement I just made is not meant to be
    funny, seriously without God, I know I wouldn’t be here! Thank you for the

  24. The Modern Time-Ghost Reply September 6, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Stop spreading harmful nonsense.

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