Candida Cancer Connection 6 – 1 week off the turpentine treatment – NOT a good result!

After three weeks of taking the honey & turpentine, it was time for a break to see how I was going. Bad results! But I turned it all around again and in only…


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  1. Is 20 mule team borax a powder or liquid?
    I don’t know the product Jan, but after doing a Google search, there seems
    to be a cardboard box in the picture, which indicates that it contains
    I have actually sourced a pure form (or at least a minimum of 99% pure)of
    Borax from a local health practitioner.
    Tony P told me that I could find it in the supermarket too, as long as it
    was 99% pure. And I found one but am not currently using it. I’ve not been
    able to find borax online and not searched for the Mix you mention either,
    as I have separate quantities of these that I use. :)

  2. Next video coming soon! Having to share more effects of what Candida
    Albicans does when trying to flee from your body! Yuk!
    I’m then going to have to get off this ‘candida’ train for a bit, unless
    something happens that I HAVE to share!, and bring in some other topics,
    other environments that affect us, because there are a few!
    My updated website is now launched, ‘tweaks’ still being performed, where I
    will load free factsheets from all the wonderful, inspirational and crazy
    people in my life, up to download – the page still yet to be created, and
    will increase my blogs there too.
    I will always answer as many questions here as I can, as well as any
    comments on my blog on the website. For personal sharings, which I have
    been doing now for 14 years, there is a fee, which in turn will enable me
    to keep on going with this 🙂
    My passion has now become my full time ‘job’! Looking forward to seeing how
    this journey unfolds and thank you for being part of it 🙂
    All the best

  3. Gotta love the spooky tubular sound! :)

  4. To Jan Pal… Again, I’m not recommending. Only sharing info as I
    understand it. People are 100% responsible for what they do or do not do.
    I always start slowly. I started with borax. 1/4 teaspoon of borax mixed
    in one quart of water sipped throughout the day. Women (or men) weighing
    under 150 pounds or so might want to take 1/8 teaspoon in one quart of
    water instead of 1/4 teaspoon. I also find it helpful to add 1/4 teaspoon
    (or 1/8 teaspoon) of Celtic sea salt (the grayish moist kind) to this same
    mix. If I don’t like the taste, I add 1/2 teaspoon of stevia to this mix.
    I didn’t have a detox reaction when I started this, but some people do.
    People with a lot of candida and/or nano-pathogens might have an
    unpleasant detox reaction when these “bugs” feel “under attack”, release
    “defense” enzymes, die off, and are digested by the host. This usually
    only lasts 1-3 days but it can be enough to scare off a person from taking
    this protocol. The person thinks it’s the borax making them sick, but it’s
    really the die off of nano-bugs… stuff they really don’t want in their
    system to begin with. I take the borax 3 to 5 days per week with 2 to 4
    days rest. People have to be their own judge of their own body, listen to
    it and adjust accordingly. I take the borax and alkalizing together and
    find they work in synergy. I add the CarbBicarbPotassium protocol to the
    mix as needed for me. Now… I also break these apart and sometimes don’t
    add the potassium, just the CarbBicarb. Also… sometimes I don’t add the
    Carb, just the Bicarb. Also, sometimes I find it very helpful to add 1/4
    teaspoon of citric acid powder to the CarbBicarb mix. 1/4 teaspoon of
    citric acid powder plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate mixed into 6
    ounces of water is a (for me) terrific “base” alkalizer. You see how it’s
    a listening process for me? It’s not a “do this exactly” sort of thing.
    It’s a slow, listening and readjusting process. Every person is a little
    different and the protocol is adjusted by each person based on their own
    internal feedback. Now… If I get loose stools I know I’m probably too
    alkaline. If I have hard or constipated stools I know I’m probably too
    acidic. I use PH strips to check my morning saliva. If I check my morning
    saliva and it’s too acidic (which mine tends to be) I know I’ve got some
    alkalizing work to be done.

  5. I watched your vid again and have some observations… Of course, anything
    I say is my opinion and everybody must do their own research and make their
    own conclusions and are themselves 100% responsible for any actions they
    take. I believe you could remedy the sinus problems with the
    CarbBicarbPotassium protocol. Mix into 6 ounces of water: 1/4 teaspoon
    sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 1/4 teaspoon sodium carbonate, 1/8
    teaspoon potassium citrate. Drink it down… follow with a little more
    water if desired. Humans get more acidic as the night goes on and these
    pathogens proliferate in an acidic environment. Morning sinus problems
    ensue. Headaches ensue. Many people who have had migraine headaches for
    years (they occur because the brain is too acidic and pathogens come in,
    live there and cause problems) are relieved of their headaches 5 to 10
    minutes after taking the CarbBicarbPotassium remedy. This remedy alkalizes
    the brain. About 5 years ago, I was at the spot you’re at now with this so
    I know what you’re going through. Nothing to be concerned about. The
    turpentine is causing the pathogens to run to safe areas. They seem to
    climb (like we would do if we were chased by bear in the woods – climb a
    tree!) and in this case they reach the head and can’t go back. Now you’ve
    got ’em cornered. They’re going to die off but you’ve got to keep the
    alkalizing pressure on them. I mentioned below the Borax. Borax is the
    ultimate fungal killer. A borax remedy as described in my post below did
    wonders for me and other folks that I know who have tried it. (again, what
    anybody does is 100% up to them). Borax can be combined with
    CarbBicarbPotassium for an amazing remedy. Read the article by Walter Last
    about Borax (search google). I agree with him. Borax (my opinion only)
    would take out 90% of the big pharma industry in one fell swoop. 

  6. Love your videos Kit, like you I am on a journey lol , guess that is the
    best way to describe it. I found Earth very helpful for many
    remedies …Best wishes, Cynthia

  7. Wow, so much fantastic info, thanks kit! I also had a bad gland / throat
    pain epudode that lasted 3 days…. so awful! I can see now that it was
    from the turpentine … which us great. I recommenced bicarb and took 2
    days off the turpentine and the pain has totally gone from my gland and
    throat. .. yippeee. I started using ph strips 2 days ago, and am at 7 …

  8. i think the meat is real bad, look up “heme-iron” its only found in meat.
    the iron in meat is too strong for the body. i used to get sinus like crazy
    when i ate meat everyday i was inshape and lean like a bodybuilder but very
    sick lol. now im a semi-fat vegetarian but no mucus but get that
    candida/jock itch lol

  9. I understand what you’ve been through, going through. I went through the
    same thing for years. Chronic fatigue, headaches, no energy, foggy brain,
    achy joints etc. Another thing I’ve used that really helped me is Borax.
    20 mule team borax, here in the US. 1/4 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1
    liter of water and sipped throughout the day 5 days on, 2 days off.
    (everybody must do their own research with this or any other protocol)
    This candida (and I believe many other nano-fungus and nano-bacteria)
    reproduce very quickly, so sipping the borax all day keeps these parasites
    under pressure before they can reproduce. The bulging tongue you speak of
    in the above vid, is the parasites running away from the turpentine and
    alkalizing protocol and gathering together to defend themselves. I like
    the way you proceeded with the sodium bicarbonate from the outside too.
    Sometimes this must be done too. These fungi/bacteria tend to run away,
    especially up, and a person, when taking borax and/or turpentine can get
    sores at the tip of the nose or between the eyes or on the facial area too.
    The parasites are running away because they can no longer live in a body
    filled with borax or turpentine. They reach the tip or of the nose and
    can’t go back and are trapped there and can cause redness or sores that
    scab up before all of these parasites die off. Myself, and several other
    people I know that have used a borax and alkalizing protocol have
    experienced the tip of the nose scabs or between the eyes scabs. If you
    notice people with red noses, these are collections of fungi/bacteria that
    have reached the area and find it easier to live there. The red nose folks
    have a problem with fungi/bacteria too, that (in my opinion) would be
    remedied by alkalizing, borax, turpentine too, but most folks would never
    believe it. They go to the doctor, get an antibiotic that kills bacteria,
    and this allows the fungus to take hold and thrive. Five years ago I
    stumbled upon earthclinic dot com and pored over natural remedies there,
    and just by alkalizing (with sodium bicarbonate and ascorbic acid, 2 to 1),
    using borax (1/4 teaspoon per liter of water), iodine (lugols solution 2%
    2-4 drops per day), magnesium citrate powder, potassium citrate powder, &
    MSM (up to one tablespoon per day) I got myself better by over 85% very
    quickly after years of plodding along. I just got wind of turpentine and
    started a turp protocol 5 months ago with very good results too. I found
    that turpentine has many benefits: Lungs and breathing vastly improved,
    food digestion vastly improved too because the turpentine strips away years
    of oily, slimy buildup in the intestines, and now the intestines are clean
    again, and absorb nutrients like they did when you were much younger.
    Joints are more supple and don’t hurt. Keep up the good work.

  10. MindOverEverything Reply October 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Just curious if you’ve ever worked with the GAPS diet to heal your
    small/large intestines, repopulate the intestinal flora, etc?

  11. I think you’re cute. 🙂 Go Kit go!!!!!!!!Thanks for the info, er……..
    I enjoyed your 6 Candida Cancer videos.


  12. Is 20 mule team borax a powder or liquid?

    Can I buy all these products – borax and CarbBirabPottassium Mix online?

  13. I use vitamin C (ascorbic acid powder) on a regular basis. I always mix it
    with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). I use one teaspoon of baking soda
    mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin C powder mixed in 6 ounces of water.
    Always, for me, 2 parts baking soda to 1 part vitamin C powder. Vitamin C
    on its own, to someone who is overrun with candida, can burn up too much
    stored bicarbonates in the body and contribute to acid. Mix with baking
    soda first to create sodium ascorbate (alkaline solution) instead of
    ascorbic acid solution. This mixture will give you plenty of -negative
    ions and will help you oxygenate your body. Oxygen is very important.
    Oxygen is absorbed by the body in an alkaline body water environment and
    pushed out of the body in and acid body water environment. Candida doesn’t
    want oxygen. It dies off in an oxygen rich environment. Cancer doesn’t
    want oxygen. It dies in an oxygen rich environment. And… you must be
    alkaline to have an oxygen rich environment. Here is a base guideline to
    follow: If you’re too acidic it leads to hard stools or constipation. If
    you’re too alkaline it leads to having loose stools. Adjust as needed.
    Now… you said you’re going on a tour of the US & UK. That is going to
    be a lot of air travel. When traveling on a plane take plenty of baking
    soda before, during and after your flight (mixed with vitamin C powder if
    possible). The sky is a +positive ion environment. The earth is a
    -negative ion environment. Human blood is a -negative ion solution. When
    you fly, it takes only about an hour to move human blood from a -negative
    ion state to a +positive ion state. Taking plenty of baking soda will help
    to keep your blood in the -negative ion state. Candida thrives in a
    +positive ion state. You see the concern? Also, the borax. My opinion is
    that the borax is really going to help you. The nano-bugs are rounding up
    now because of the turps assault. The borax is going to reduce them even
    further. My opinion, too, is that you must keep alkalizing. Baking soda
    mixed with vitamin C is a great alkalizer. Adding washing soda (sodium
    carbonate) to the mix will help greatly too. If you get headaches the
    sodium carbonate will breach the blood/brain barrier and alkalize the brain
    and the headaches will go away. Mix the sodium carbonate (washing soda)
    with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and the vitamin C. Washing soda
    tastes awful on it’s own. Again, the disclaimer: I’m not recommending, just
    passing along info as I understand it. Everyone is 100% responsible for
    what they do or do not do.

  14. Thank you very much for your post Ed,
    I appreciate very much your willingness to share your knowledge and
    experience. I will definitely start with very small doses.

    Maybe one more additional question – based on your experiences or
    experiences of people you know is borax or CarbBicarbPotassium mix
    effective in cure of inflammation? 

  15. Hi Kit and Ed,
    I just finished reading all that interesting information you posted.
    Thank you for sharing all this info.
    I also have a problem with sinus headaches in the morning for about 20
    years. Plus feeling that I am not at my best, energy level not as it used
    to be. @ months ago I decided to significantly reduce sugar. It was after I
    attended seminar at Sydney Body,Mind,Spirit Festival in Sydney.Thank you
    Kit:) My belly is smaller now after eating much less sugar. I am in the
    stage to take next step in solving my 20+ years old problem – sinus
    headache and lack of energy.
    I would like to try CarbBirabPotassium mix together with Borax.
    I know you are only giving your story how you are taking it and dont
    recommend anything to anybody. As you said before everybody is responsible
    for their own actions. I just would like to ask for your opinion if in my
    case would be more wise to start with CBP mix slowly and then add borax or
    it would be no problem to take both at the same time.
    Thanks again for very valuable information on this topic. 

  16. Become your own researcher. Test your body and be aware :)

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