CANDIDA CLEANSER CHALLENGE (Cell Wall Suppressor) – Patty – Blog 6

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  1. What kind of food did you eat while on it? 

  2. Evelyn S. Hollowell Reply December 14, 2014 at 5:11 am

    The great news! You’ll be able to heal your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    permanent freedom from Yeast Infections in only 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  3. Is brown rice and quinoa bad for candida sufferers? I’ve never heard that
    before. No wonder I’m not winning this battle.

  4. Hi Patty! I have been very very sick for 2 years not. Have gone to dr after
    dr and have spent so much money. It takes every ounce of me to get out of
    bed and get through my day. I just turned 33 and in so much intestinal and
    stomach pain. My family, friends and drs say it’s all in my head. I cry
    every day because I need my life back. I’m desperate and don’t know what to
    do anymore. I’ve researched and researched.

    I live in Orange County, California. I’m not sure where abouts you live but
    is there anyway I may be able to take to you over the phone or email? It
    would be amazing to finally talk to someone that knows what I am going
    through. I have been feeling so alone and a little depressed. If you can’t
    I comete lay understand.

    I ordered candida cleanser last Sunday so I’m waiting for them to get
    delivered. Thank you for your blogs. They have given me a little hope.

    Thanks and god bless!
    Clayton Thurmond

  5. patty i asked my natural doctor about the wall supessor they said that that
    product not possibly going to get rid of candida .. i want to try it but
    there is not enoughf videos to suport ill check back on u in 6 months and
    see how u are feeling. then god bless u sweetie ill keep watching ur videos
    till then. i wish u well. im going to tackle this with probiotics.

  6. You explained everything sooo well. I went on an eight day cleanse which
    felt good in the end but surprise, surprise I am now back into a lethargic
    tired state. I think the hardest part for me is maintaining my health and
    eating right. I look forward to losing those cravings and with a clearer
    mind, maintaining a healthy diet.

  7. I would suspect your natural doc would not want you to do this because if
    you are well then how does he/she get paid.?. I got mine in the mail and am
    starting this weekend.. cant wait!

  8. Hi, I’m Dianna. I am a 30 year old mother of four that has suffered with
    candida all my life from infancy. I have suffered everyhing from severe
    eczema, to kidney infections and a hysterectomy. I have also tried
    everything from threelac, to making my own colloidal silver at home. I
    ordered the wall suppressor and want to be a video candidate. I am
    considering being certified as a wellness coach just to speak on candida. I
    want to promote this product if it works for me. Who should I speak with?

  9. I am motivated by your video’s. Now I’m going to see how the men are doing
    with this. I’m very happy for you. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for being so open about your experience. I’m on day 11and I don’t
    think I’ve given the die off enough credit for my crazy mood swings.
    Praying it is as successful for me as it has been for you. So happy for
    your success at getting your health and mental clarity back! I can’t wait
    to be able to think again!

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