Candida Myth: Why You Probably Don’t Have Candida Overgrowth (Candidiasis)

Struggling with fatigue, headaches, asthma, PMS or a myriad of other health concerns? Then you may have a candida overgrowth problem … except you probably don’t. In today’s video, I give…
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  1. Thanks for your video. I have found plenty of online “candida experts” who
    disagree with the candida overgrowth diagnosis. The thing is this – many
    of these folks follow extreme forms of diet, don’t actively treat patients
    or are medical professionals (who only treat symptoms and who don’t look
    for causes of disease). Constipation – maybe a “lack of fibre” as you cay?
    It is one of the most commonest symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis & fungal
    GI overgrowths. Candida overgrowth is lifestyle related, antibiotics,
    chronic low-grade stress (poor cortisol levels), high sugar diets, and
    various other causes. I’d suggest you refrain from making statements such
    as “You probably don’t have candida overgrowth” unless you have been
    treating thousands of patients and have seen first hand yourself how
    candida albicans ruins lives.

  2. Glad you brought this up – I also tire of this sort of pseudoscience.
    Happy to see you eradicate the BS :)

  3. I like you because you think with your own brain…something not so usual
    nowadays :)

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I definitely don’t buy into the alternative
    medicine line, but what I want to know is if you do have candida (i.e.
    visible oral thrush), is it wise to follow the candida diets out there, and
    to what degree. Most advocate strict no sugar, alcohol, caffeine, carbs.

  5. Sorry I beg to differ. Before I found a probiotic that is specifically
    designed to get candida overgrowth under control I was miserable.
    Migraines, achy joints, fatigue and mild depression. I felt a difference in
    5 days and with each passing month I am feeling amazing. 

  6. fruitandstrength Reply April 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    wow…and in 811 it says candida/yeast is always in the blood. :l

  7. I disagree with you. Most people DO have candida overgrowth because almost
    everyone has been on antibiotics at one point in their life or another. Not
    only that, but people eat a diet that is very unnatural and that feeds
    candida. Its true that candida feeds on sugar, but high carbohydrate diets
    do not feed candida. It is only when you eat sugar that is not in its
    natural form that you are feeding candida. When you are eating heavily
    processed and cooked foods, your body cannot efficiently break them down
    and digest them so instead of your body properly digesting and breaking
    down that sugar for energy, it instead goes toward feeding the candida.
    Getting candida by eating raw foods would be almost impossible because
    those raw sources of sugar and carbohydrates have their own natural enzymes
    that help your body break down the sugars properly. Once you cook them,
    your body can no longer efficiently break them down and they begin to feed
    the candida. Now I’m not recommending a raw food diet, because obviously it
    is incredibly hard and expensive to do for most people and I don’t believe
    it is sustainable long term, BUT it is a fact that our natural food is raw.
    We are the only animals that eat cooked food. Things are bound to go wrong
    when you change them from their natural state. But there are things you can
    do to prevent candida…..take probiotics regularly whether they come from
    fermented foods or supplements; stay away from antibiotics unless
    absolutely necessary; eat only whole foods and keep a simple diet with
    limited ingredients per meal for easy digestion; take digestive enzymes
    with meals. Yes, digestive enzymes are very important. It may seem
    unnatural to have to take a pill just to be able to properly digest your
    food, but eating cooked food is already unnatural to begin with!
    Trust me, I used to suffer from all those crazy symptoms that you claim are
    not really caused by candida. Yes, I had a LONG list of symptoms that
    effected me physically and mentally. It wasn’t until I fixed my candida
    that they went away, so it wasn’t just a coincidence. Your gut really is
    the key to your health. If you don’t have a healthy gut (with a strong
    colony of good bacteria!), you’re going to have a weak immunity and candida
    will be able to thrive. 

  8. No candida grows from sugar!!! Not fat! Fat is glucose which is
    sugar….candida is a real problem and is not the cause of eating these
    foods. Rather it is cause by eating or taking too many things with
    antibiotics…which kill all bacteria it comes in contact with good or bad.
    Candida is a bacteria in our body that is good but when it’s over grows
    it’s very bad for the entire body because it affects the immune system.
    Eating foods high in sugar(fruit and fats) will fuel and help candida grow.
    Not the opposite. Get your facts right before you spread false information 

  9. Struggling with fatigue, headaches, asthma, PMS or a myriad of other health
    concerns? Then you may have a candida overgrowth problem … except you
    probably don’t.

    In today’s video, I give my take on the alternative medical community’s
    stance on candida and candida overgrowth, i.e. that it causes all sorts of
    problems and can be “cured” by eating less carbs. If you haven’t guessed
    already, I don’t agree. ;)

  10. if your candida grow out of control… you get a yeast infection. that’s
    basically it. 

  11. At first I thought I would have to debate this but I agree with pretty much
    everything you said. If people have a lot of those symptoms but don’t have
    the clear signs of yeast overgrowth, it’s probably general disbiosis. 

  12. Borislav Poltarakin Reply April 21, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    In fact, yeast infection is undoubtedly problem with your immune system.
    You must heal the root cause in order to cure yeast infection permanently

  13. Ahhhhh! Thank you so much for this video, I was getting weary of “My
    Candida Experience” vlogs and blogs, 90% of which were self-diagnosis from
    the list you, well, listed. 

  14. yeast infections are no joke. My boyfriend is currently recovering from
    one, which he got from prolonged antibiotic use. It’s literally
    debilitating for a male. i’ll save the details, that’s why there is google.

    Candida overgrowth can cause a “sweet tooth” becuase the fungus eats sugar,
    and if you have it, then you will crave sugar. I read this on an actual
    medical website.

    All those other symptoms listed can be caused by a hormone imbalance like
    too much estrogen, or low thyroid function. 

  15. Focusing on a fungal infection instead of the catch phrase, “Candida” is

    I was treated for such a condition. Taking over a year of Nystatin with no
    improvement. I finally told my doctor to prescribe Fluconazole (Diflucan)
    and after a week it was cleared up. It came back and I treated again with
    Fluconazole and it went away for about a year.

    It comes and goes but I try to manage it with diet (cut back on sugar)

    I did try lots of natural supplements to treat but had little success with

    Being a vegetarian and following the candida diet means you basically don’t
    eat. I lost a lot of weight and have had difficulty gaining it back.

  16. Debbies Vegan Life Reply April 21, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    It’s interesting because I used to struggle with thrush a lot when I had a
    junk food diet, and after I cleaned up my diet, not even when I was vegan,
    it cleared up. Interesting. ?? 

  17. You need to do more research.

  18. you had to stop after undercarage……….hard to keep a straight
    face after that…….great video, thanks for sharing

  19. I didn’t get a lot out of that. Not informative and you made like one point
    in that while rant.

  20. While you were researching did you ever find any links between candidia and
    tinea versicolor? I realize they are both fungal infections of different
    types of yeasts, but I’m curious if there’s more to it. 

  21. Anderson Christina L. Reply April 21, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    You’ll probably have Candida infection symptoms appear once you have a poor
    immune system orpoor diet plan.

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  24. New to your channel and I love it. This was a great educational video and I
    look forward to more like these. 

  25. do you think our bodies replenish our good bacteria after antibiotics? or
    do you think you have to take probiotics

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