Candida Returns – Depression, Hospitalized & Moving

WARNING: **This videos contains graphic images** Sadly, I am here to report that my candida overgrowth has returned. There were a lot of changes in my life a…


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  1. Oh my gosh! Watching this was like a rollercoaster for my heart. lol My
    face was like O.O o.o 🙁 🙂 😀 😐 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 O.O 🙁 🙂 😀

    Anyway, I’m so happy that you all are doing such positive things together.
    I can’t wait to see what it’s like in Panama for you all. 🙂 I’m so glad
    you’re much better.

  2. Thanks for making these vlogs! I’m glad things are going better for you
    guys and hope you are enjoying your time in Panama!:)

  3. ur such a honest beautiful soul and i hope everything works out in you and
    ur husbands favour if u ever need me i am always here love u jass xx

  4. Hi Jass, I’m so happy for you and your family. I pray your move will be the
    new beginning that your family needs. God bless you on your health and too
    bless you as a wife and mother. Stay in touch and have a blessed and joyful

  5. Wow, thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I’m grateful that you’re
    sharing. My husband has recently gotten a job with a company who’s main
    office is in Panama. We also may be moving sometime in the new year, so
    it’s great that I get to see what you’re going through. If you can do a
    video series (when all is comfortable for you that is) on the whole process
    of immigrating to Panama, it would be a good help. Also, can you share how
    your family will be learning Spanish and any other helpful tips. Thank you.

  6. Jassica, you’re Beautiful inside and out…
    i will continue Praying for you
    and your Beautiful Family….
    if there’s anything you need
    PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask…lots of love~

  7. Thank you for your honesty. Beautiful. You seem like such a strong woman,
    so I am sure you will get through this! I am on a pescetarian diet and this
    really works for me, I eat eggs, fish and a little bit of dairy products
    here and there. Sometimes a little chicken, on certain occasion. I never
    ever eat red meat. And ofcourse loads of organic vegetables and fruits
    (more veggies though). I switched caffeine for green tea which works great
    so far. I’m happy to hear you and your husband are working it out and
    you’re moving to sunny panama (get your vitamin D girl). God bless :-)

  8. God bless you, and keep you healthy, and safe. God willing, you and your
    family will be just fine. I just happened upon your video while looking for
    some relief for my multitude of issues. You named about 85% of them. I too
    want to adopt to a healthier diet and change my lifestyle. I applaud you
    for sharing your story. I’m sure it will help a lot of us out here looking
    for answers. You are truly an inspiration, and have encouraged me to
    continue to by my own health advocate. The battle is not ours, it’s the
    Lords. Through his guidance and grace, we will endure. I will keep you and
    your family in my prayers and continue to follow your blog. I wish you all
    well on your move to your new home.

  9. Thank you for sharing something so personal. As you know, you can’t fully
    get rid of candida, since it’s naturally in our bodies. You should also
    look to remove fungus type of food or anything with yeast. I noticed in
    one of your meals, you had mushrooms, tofu, and rice (except brown). You
    may want to avoid it for at least a month and remove mushrooms all
    together, since it is a fungus. I was told to avoid it, since I have a
    food sensitivity to it. Best of luck to you and your family. You have
    shown strength and empowerment. Keep up the positive outlook and journey

  10. Thank you for sharing…is Panama a permenant stay?

  11. I’m glad you were able to coming together as a family! Enjoying your daily

  12. I am so happy for you! I think moving to Panama is a great choice, not only
    for health, but also for new learning experiences! I love when people
    travel the world, and I always encourage it! I wish you all the best! Will
    you still be making videos in Panama? 

  13. I just lost some hope from this video. I really thought u permanently got
    rid of candida. I been watching most of ur vids and it look like you was
    doing everything right to get rid of it. how come after just a couple of
    weeks of eating bad nd stress had bring back ur candida? when I know ppl
    who have been stressed there whole life and been eating nothing but junk
    food but never gotten candida 

  14. Jessica Amanda White Reply February 8, 2015 at 7:50 am

    May Jehovah bless you and your family! My husband I went to Ecuador for 2
    months this year and it was the best reset! Keep pushing! Agape!

  15. The gut and brain work together. Alcohol feeds candida. Look into the Gut
    and Psychology Syndrome diet(GAPS Diet). Once you kill off the candida and
    bad bacteria , you can start to heal the lining of your gut. It took me 3
    years to heal. 

  16. Thank you for sharing with us! It must have taken a lot of courage for you
    to make this decision. I am very happy for you and truly wish you lots of
    happiness, and peace in your marriage! Looking forward to your experiences
    in Panama

  17. I am happy for you as well and will keep you and the family in prayer. I
    look forward to updates on how your health is going in a positive

  18. I’m so happy for you! I just started watching your videos and you have
    inspired me to get healthy. I’m just so happy that things are turning
    around for you!!! 🙂 god bless!!!!

  19. It takes a lot courage and strength to share what you shared. You are an
    amazing, strong, and beautiful person and I so appreciate you. Best of luck
    to you in your journey! 

  20. Thanks for your openness! You’re a brave soul! Happy to know your family
    has reunited and things be God’s grace are improving. Wish you all the

  21. Still praying for you! Still beautiful as always! 

  22. Aloe vera juice will help you overall. God bless you and your family

  23. I just became a subbie and am glad to see you are on the road to healing
    mentally, physically and emotionally.

  24. Very happy for you! Blessings on you and your family’s new journey!

  25. Jass I’m so happy for you, I’m from Uruguay and I think it will be better
    for your diet that you move to Panama!
    You’re not alone in this journey

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