Candida (Yeast Infection From Hell) Treatment….Does it work?

I’ve been battling Candida for 4-years now. I read about a treatment of raw, unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. With great enthusiasm for the first week…
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  1. Candida occurs when your body is not able to process compless sugars. You
    need to treat the cause of the problem, instead of attempting to just treat
    it topically with medication. This is a systemic issue throughout your
    body. Starting with an over load of candida in your gut. The candida is
    living and thriving because of the environment that you are creating. Your
    diet is the key. Soft drink, beer, bread, dairy. You have sugar
    metabolism problems and that is linked to adrenal gland weakness.
    These foods are FEEDING the candida. You need to eat at least 80%
    alkaline foods, 20 % acid forming foods to maintain a healthy acid alkaline
    balance. To detox your body you need 100% alkaline foods to clean your
    lymphatic system. The artificial sweetneers in diet drinks do so much harm
    to your body and are neurotoxins. Even diet drinks ( without sugar ) are
    highly acidic.
    Apple cider video is a great remedy. But its sort of like having some
    black paint and adding a tiny bit of white paint and declairing that
    nothing has changed. Look into detoxification Dr robert morse the great
    lymphatic system.

  2. Pepsi makes it even worse as it feeds on sugar


  4. The great news here! You are able to stop yeast infection yourself by using
    natural technique in only 3 days.

  5. Kellythe AnimalMedicineWoman Reply February 19, 2015 at 5:07 am

    and your drinking Pepsi? 

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