****Cure Any Autoimmune Disease *** MS, TYPE 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus!!

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE THE MOVIE UPDATE : Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoide Arthritis, Multiple Sklerose, Crohn’s Disease, Hashimotos https://www.facebook.co…

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  1. i have just been dignosed with relapesing polycondritis, which is an
    autoimmune disease, which is so rare that it took specialist nearly a year
    to find it out. I have an appointement the 25 of auguest 2014 in the main
    hospital in denmark to start a treatement. as i heard i can be on up to 9
    types of medication. the issue i have now is like this. after seeing you
    video and other on the internet, i am not sure what to do please help :)

  2. Einstein was a vegetarian only towards the end of his life

  3. cortisol is really not good , we can handle a bit but our society is
    meaning we live with it 24 hrs a day , it has been shown that a part of the
    cortisol molecule burrows INTO our cells, into the nucleus and changes our

  4. I drink baking soda with honey and now im putting it in capsules and having
    a teaspoon and a half daily.. boost pH and oxygenate your cells.. and lots
    of plant base foods.. processed foods are killing people, wheat is killing

  5. @Sis *Here’s One of the 3 Most prominent autoimmunity specialists in
    Holistic medicine discloses how He Healed 1,000s of sufferers and How you
    can stop The Agony of Autoimmune disease Using The same 5-step protocol.*

  6. Wow 2k likes, 6 dislikes. I’m definitely watching this!

  7. Been vegan for 6 weeks.
    Gonna keep you guys updated..
    (Vegetarian for 1.5 years)
    I have interstitial cystitis.
    Right now I’ve lost 4.5 kg

  8. Can u heal type 1 diabetes ??????????????

  9. Most doctors, I believe, know that diet plays a very important part in

  10. love this video. the reason why vegan diet important is that saturated fat
    results in increase in inflammatory cytokines in NF KAPPA B and other
    reasons stated on http://www.nutritionfacts.info grains are high in omega 6 but
    greens rich in omega 3s. id say get ground flax instead of oil or hemp.
    hemp gives a 4:1 ratio of n-6:n-3.

    im sure youre familiar with Dr Swank. Algae oil prob better than linseed or
    krill oil

    n here means omega
    you didnt mention phytates and antinutrients and also greens tho I didnt
    see whole video. tell me about alkalinity you said it wasnt so important
    like before Dr Young said it reversed cancers and also minerals. Thanks!

  11. You were like a hero until you said the F word…now you get no like from
    me. Thanks anyway. 

  12. No animal fats? How do you get adequate cholesterol for the brain to
    function properly? A vegan diet (without that dubious muck called soy)
    will detox initially but over time human health will fail. The refugees
    with their thin hair and cavities are now emerging from this ridiculous new
    age experiment that has gone on too long.

  13. I looked up linseed oil. Its used for paint and wood?!

  14. hi. im just curious. not sure if u can answer my question cuz i know each
    case is different but i just wanted to ask: ive been walking in the sun (i
    live in southern california) and eating healthy with lots of vegetables and
    fruits, i have been limiting my meat intake however i know its important to
    get vitamin b12. i am also taking coconut oil and walking miles a day. i
    also tried intermittent fasting and went on a 2 day water fast. i have been
    told it can be bad for your adrenals so i gave that up (even though im not
    convinced completely: from what ive read fasting seems to help) however i
    was just curious even though i am already starting to see great results but
    the fatigue is still there. how long should i expect to see dramatic
    results. intuitively for me it seems like six months. any thoughts? thank u
    so much by the way

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