Diaper Rashes in Babies & Infants (Pediatric Advice)

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15 Responses to “Diaper Rashes in Babies & Infants (Pediatric Advice)”

  1. you are welcome. 

  2. Hi doctor I have a newborn he was primmature well he has a rash that is
    making his skin bleed like is really burn what cream u recommend for that
    we are using desitin what’s a good cream we are really worry this never
    happen with our first baby PS when I say really burn it looks like he is
    missing a piece of skin and is really red is by the chicks of the butt

  3. thanks

  4. Thank you so much Dr. Paul. My son had such a bad bad rash I got so worry.
    I was afraid what the rash might be and what could have caused it but
    thanks for the information.

  5. Thanks for the info. More power.

  6. Please make a video about baby head circumference. My baby’s head is too
    small and I’m panicking 🙁 

  7. Thank you!

  8. very helpful 

  9. sorry for the late response:
    mom and baby should take a good probiotic. For infants I like HMF natogen
    (available at my office and from Seroyal and Genestra) Klaire infant also
    as soon as a rash appears in the diaper area, start alternating a couple
    different antifungal creams each diaper change. Also catch those wety and
    soiled diapers fast so baby is not sitting in mositure – which promotes

  10. Thank you. very helpful!!!

  11. I would love to hear your suggestions on how to deal with yeast if you
    cloth diaper. My little one is on antibiotics and I suddenly found a rash.
    I switched to disposables for now but will it reintroduce the yeast when I
    go back to cloth? I am also breastfeeding how do I keep from passing yeast
    back and forth between the two of us?

  12. Excellent !

  13. You are so welcome

  14. Thank you Dr. Paul 🙂

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