Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Turpentine the Miracle Medicine, Candida Cleaner

Sponsored by Dr. Daniels’ all natural and herbal cleanser: http://vitalitycaps.com Dr. Jennifer Daniels discusses the experiences and research she has had wi…
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25 Responses to “Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Turpentine the Miracle Medicine, Candida Cleaner”

  1. Im going to give it a shot very soon.

  2. Tried it. I’ll have to say it worked for me.

  3. Joe Leigh-Corrigan Reply July 9, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Careful honey, they don’t like when you start telling the truth.
    “Turpentine” really? How about baldness.
    Thank you Dr Daniels.

  4. According to her own admission, her ‘medical license’ was revoked, if she
    ever had one to start with!

  5. I have been taking a Turpentine/ Local Honey MIX once a day for 18 days now!
    MY ENERGY LEVEL IS THRU THE ROOF! And it will really! clean out your
    system! IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
    right from Georgia USA pine trees BY AMERICANS HERE! www DOT
    diamondgforestproducts NOT the by product of the paper industry as many
    hardware store turpentine sometimes is! AND WATCH Tony Pantalleresco’s VID
    Healing with Turpentine JUST GOOGLE THAT! Video avail. here on YT! FOR

  6. I am a little upset. I paid full price for the original document and now
    you are giving it away free.

  7. Turpentine is a poison. Sure they used it in the 1800s to treat people.
    They didn’t have the knowledge they do today and even then they knew it was
    a poison and would kill a person or do extensive damage. As a poison, it
    has what is called in the chemical industry, an MSDS sheet which lists its
    side effects if swallowed. Never ceases to amaze me, what people will
    willingly swallow after hearing someone who doesn’t even have any
    credentials. That’s why you have so many kids taking synthetic marijuana
    and chemical concoctions they put together from household cleaners. Don’t
    worry though, ‘just a little damage’ won’t show up right away. What are
    this guy’s credentials? Ever think about that? Only a fool…follows
    other fools. You could put some idiot on here marketing rat poison, and
    you’d probably see person after person ingest it, based on phony advice.
    Reports have associated exposure to turpentine with neurological and other
    physiological damage. May cause jaundice, bone marrow damage, liver
    damage, anemia, nausea, skin irritation, headache, dizziness, some loss of
    memory, heart palpitations, and kidney damage, central nervous system
    damage, mental confusion, convulsions, coma, and death.

  8. I can’t stand the smell of turpentine, so I’d probably react to this
    wouldn’t I??
    A few years back I was overly exposed to Wood Stain Paint which caused more
    inability to certain things like Purex and Comet, Pamolive Dish Soap I can
    just tolerate. I have VERY itchy skin right now…..so reading got me to
    this video,

  9. Cosmiclightbeam Reply July 9, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Is it possible to add Close Captioning??

  10. Health care should be free an or inexpensive! We love you Dr. Daniels! 

  11. Whats interesting is we are the research,…. youtube is full of Guru’s who
    try products from Major Company’s, … bec companys know the power of
    comments posted! Sometimes if people are not told to take something, ….
    it’s automatically rejected bec its very hard for most of the Populus to
    think for themselves bec of a lack of individuality…… you see
    testimonials of the guru’s, and most if not all products are tested by
    living.., wether it be us as the people, animals, or research in the past
    of humans who consumed or used topically,…. chemicals given to them….
    so why is it so hard to believe that Turpentine is healthy…. of course
    not blind belife but research what it is, and know your own body God made
    for you, how u react to things instead of allowing only the Goverment to
    chose how you tick…… 

  12. aaronelliott2100 Reply July 9, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    I just started taking this as instructed 2 days ago. No negative side
    effects noticed. I have noticed that my athletes foot stops itching very
    quickly after taking it! Expecting full healing of that in no time.

  13. why wasn’t this stuff given to steve jobs, patrick swayze et al??

  14. turpentine says FATAL IF INGESTED. why does it say this if it is safe? i’m
    talking about pure pine gum spirits. is this safe or what? 

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  16. Tried it. I’ll have to say it worked for me.

  17. Dr. Daniels pay no mine to the haters. I know this is helpful.

  18. There is no such site as the one Dr. Daniel’s describe. Help.

  19. Taylor Patterson Reply July 9, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    makes a great addition to your torpedo juice, too!

  20. Hi, Sorry Site work is behind, and the video picked up please visit the
    vitality caps com site mentioned in the about section of this video, fill
    out the support form at the bottom and I will get you the info..

  21. Pathetic comment.

  22. I keyed in the site into a search engine and other websites came up. I
    don’t believe any of these are affiliated with candida breaker. Will it
    display under another url?

  23. Thank you Dr. Daniels

  24. Dr. Daniels evidently you own the domain name candida breaker dot com but
    there is no content on it. Can you please update us.

  25. lol nigger science

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