Eczema, Leaky Gut, Candida

I actually don’t take apple cider vinegar, it didn’t help me. I get a reaction from ingesting coconut oil, but it seems to help when I apply it topically. He…
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  1. hello, how are you? i have been getting multiple food allergies, and heard
    about leaky gut syndrome i cant wait to see all your videos, do you have
    any food allergies?

  2. purplefuzzyfingers Reply May 28, 2014 at 10:06 am

    Thanks for the advice! I actually have pau d’arco at home. For some reason,
    when I drink it, it causes me to scratch my eczema when I’m asleep. =/ I’ve
    heard good things about threelac, and I believe there is also a fivelac
    which is suppose to be even better. I appreciate your comment.

  3. purplefuzzyfingers Reply May 28, 2014 at 11:00 am

    @ drevyl, wow, never heard about that before. I’ve personally never taken
    threelac. The probiotic that I take is bio-kult. It works really well for
    me. I started with 1 capsule per day, and built my way up to 8 capsules per
    meal. @ Brandonzmuzic, I haven’t been on my diet lately… but my skin does
    react to a LOT of foods. I’m currently on the intro to the GAPS diet, which
    consists of bone broths, fermented sauerkraut juice, and well cooked
    veggies (excluding nightshade).

  4. I had a bad experience with threelac, it gave me some sort of a kidney
    infection within just 3 doses.

  5. Yeah when i get a candida ( what i think is candida.) flare up, life is
    really no fun, the diet is extremely strict but it works. One think that
    has come to help me is a good pro-biotic syntol amd or threelac they are
    kinda pricy but they do the job and pau d arco is a really good herb with
    great anti fungal properties. Well good luck sounds like your on a good

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