Fighting Candida with Coconut Kefir

Longevity expert David Wolfe shows us a delicious coconut soup that not only tastes great, but will help your body fight candida. Follow us! http://nutribull…

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25 Responses to “Fighting Candida with Coconut Kefir”

  1. Would you use this recipe everyday for 3 months like what is advised when
    using with other friendly bacterias, like symprove? 

  2. +Rim Homat>>>The excellent news! It is possible to treat your Candida
    overgrowth & enjoy forever freedom from Yeast Infections in only 12 hours –

  3. When our bodies are fighting infection, the body releases sugar into the
    blood to give the body energy to fight the infection. Sugar is your friend.

  4. This is so delicious. Psyched to come across this and now I’m gonna make
    this ALL THE TIME ~~~!!!

  5. acidophilus dies at ph4 so how can you get it into the body

  6. OurBest ForHisPraise Reply January 9, 2015 at 12:16 am

    where do i get the coconuts that look like yours

  7. In fact, yeast infection is undoubtedly problem with your immunity
    mechanism. You have to fix the root cause if you need to overcome yeast
    infection for good

  8. can you use ginger in it and lemons or lime

  9. The good news! You’ll be able to heal your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    forever freedom from Yeast Infections in just 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  10. Okay. What is the absolute next best option with coconut water? Could I buy
    coconut water in a tetra pac container and ferment that?

  11. Where can I get some of these jars with the metal tops?

  12. looking forward to trying it!

  13. you just killed most of that bacteria by blending it!

  14. Have You seen the Video Dr.Linda Allen ?
    There is a New Way to Cure Yeast Infection And in Less than 12 Hours !
    Simply go to google and search for:
    *Cure-Yeast-Infection.c-m* and click the first result to watch the video

  15. Omniscient CrypticPsyche Reply January 9, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Loving David Wolfe …. Acidophilus and what else???

  16. I mean just the coconut kifer solution with out the vegetables thank you
    love your videos very wise man!!!!!


  17. Can I use this as a anema 

  18. are you supposed to drink all this at one time that is alot…

  19. Stephen SaintSauveur Reply January 9, 2015 at 6:54 am

    Yes… make sure they are oganic as well… it had a lot of iron in it, if
    its not..

  20. Priscilla Kuchera Reply January 9, 2015 at 6:56 am

    Coconut kefir probiotic powder?? Where can I find?? I called whole foods
    they don’t carry it only liquid

  21. it looks like a hut but its actually not.. its a COCONUT

  22. what is the “magic bullet?”

  23. Yes, you can put raw beets but just slice them a bit. I even put them in
    the magic bullet. It works.

  24. Is it alright if I use the coconut water from the store, because that is
    what I am using tonight as I let the kefir sit in it for 24 hrs (real
    coconuts are out of season where I live.) Also, how often can I drink this
    coconut kefir soup? What’s best? Everyday? Once in a while? I’ve been
    dealing with severe candida for 20 yrs and since last oct. I have only been
    able to eat oatmeal, rice and banana’s due to pain in bowels. I haven’t
    been able to tolerate milk, will the kefir bother me like milk?

  25. Hallo ich wohne in Wien ich möchte das Geräte kaufe bitte helfen sie danke

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