H Pylori, Candida, Bacteria, Parasites and your GUT by Rachel Feldman

Are you feeling like no protocol is working for you? Do you have all the symptoms for Candida but when you do a candida diet and protocol ..it does not go aw…


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  1. Very Good Video

  2. have you taken the cleaner?

  3. Cost $17.95 see wwwTheCleanercom, its a PARASITE Cleanse see Video
    GALLSTONES 111, the Onion looking Parasites this Doctor got out, I got out
    some the size of Half Dollar to Silver Dollar Size Keep a Stick by the
    Commode, break you Shit apart, I seen some CANDIDA white Strings up to 2
    feet long, after you finish the CLEANSE, then take PROBIOTICS every Night
    at Bed time for the Rest of your Life, its Good Bacteria,

  4. and also i had been drinking beers every weekend for about a year or so,
    and ate alot of bread for about 2 week prior to this body odor.

  5. Im sick of my candida infection and the doctors saying its in my mind. I
    hate them! ITS ALL CORRUPT and they dont know the cure of course, you and I
    know why, for the same reason they dont know cancer cures (or pretend to
    not know). I have anal itching so bad I stay at home most of the time. I
    cannot live like that anymore. If you know the cure, please tell me, Im
    willing to take a extreme solution if it really works

  6. Wow all the symptoms u mentioned I’m going through … And it’s sad that
    family doctors don’t have any awareness of candida overgrowth and do
    nothing to help. My last f. Dc visit she told my its normal what I’m
    feeling that I am just depressed. But I know it’s more then that from all
    the research I’ve done. Any suggestions how to help me get rid of candida
    and H. Pylori

  7. I did Two PARASITE Cleanses They say you need to do one each year, the
    second one got out more than the First, wwwTheCleanercom got out More I got
    out CANDIDA up to two feet long and Thin Parasites as big around as a
    Silver Dollar Then you should take Good Bacteria Every Night, PROBIOTICS,
    Their are a lot of things you can do for your Health

  8. Antibiotics Kill GOOD Bacteria, Everyone should take PROBIOTICS every Night
    When their is Over Growth of BAD BACTERIA, it can get into BLOOD into
    BRAIN, HEART etc see Scientist Hulda Clark, Over Growth of PARASITES can
    affect our THINKING, one lady in Oneonta Alabama got out a Pound of
    Different Parasites in two days, do a Parasite Cleanse

  9. hi ,im commenting on your video because i have a few question that i would
    like to ask of you . if you can help me with this i would really appreciate
    it. I been having this mold like odor on my butt area and groin area for
    the last month, before this smell, i started taken probiotic, for about 3
    day i didnt notice any smell, and i also took b2 vitamin and charcoal, so i
    guess my question is could i have activated candida or yeast by taking

  10. I want your help!!!! now!!

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