How to Cure Candida – Cure Candida Naturally and Permantley Natural Candida cures do exist – this method is the only natural holistic method that cures candida quickly, safely and permane…
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  1. wishywashygirl19 Reply May 16, 2014 at 11:42 am


  2. British Airways

  3. There’s a product called Candidase which digests the yeast, thus
    eliminating the painful die-off period.

  4. They get there from the anus. Can you imagine how that would happen?

  5. candida can exist everywhere else in the body , not just in the vagina.

  6. ‘Permantley’ or ‘permanently’?

  7. @SovereignBeing Gastro-intestinal tract, bloodstream, etc.

  8. No. Anal sex.

  9. @azjldfi sure is right. It was very unhappy days in my life bcoz of Thrush
    🙁 btw! one of my gynaecologist friend gave me this product and i am
    completely cured from yeast infection. good that i found it here >

  10. I found that raw garlic cloves works really well.

  11. Germs in the vurgina 😮

  12. Nothing needs to ‘be evaluated’ by a ‘doctor’ or ‘health care
    professional’; you just need to do your research; it’s YOUR health (and
    possible your LIFE) on the line; not some doctor’s. People who live to be
    over 100 years old are not going to doctors to get their evaluation or
    assessment or prescriptions or advice. The very old already know everything
    they need to know and the most important thing is to know how the human
    physiology works and don’t trust doctors.

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