How To Know: You Are Candida Free | Candida Cure Tips (2014)

To Candida Sufferers!! There is a cure! You can be Candida Overgrowth Free!! In this video I let you know, how you know for sure, that you have rid yourself …
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  1. GetHealthyWith Jass Reply October 14, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    @Josh Buchanan- Yes I do. I ate raw garlic often and I put ginger in my
    food. I worked wonders! I really hope you get better ASAP. 4 years is a
    long time. You can do it! We can do it together :)

  2. hey sis. i began this yesterday. i am trying ot heal from PCOS as the last
    time i had a cycle was the month before i found out i was pregnant. july
    2011. i’m only 27 years old and my symptoms of pcos are getting worse. i
    need a healing!

  3. What are basic foods that I should avoid and foods that I should
    incorporate in my main diet?

  4. did you get die off ?

  5. Tshenelle Nelly B. Bethel Reply October 14, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    yay!!!!!! and u are glowingggggg…i know someone is getting
    someeeeee..bwahahahahaha…u know u love me..hehehe

  6. GetHealthyWith Jass Reply October 14, 2014 at 8:17 pm
  7. also. I have a question about alcohol. I know wine and beer are no because
    they have sugar in it and grapes have mold. buuuut what about hard liquor I
    heard you can still have that because there is not natural sugar in it an
    its fermention process is different than beer and wine. aswell as the
    ingredients, which are mostly grain…

  8. so glad to hear you accomplished your goals and were successful on your
    journey! did you notice a change in your hairloss or hair growth?? ive
    been dealing with a history of fungal scalp dermatitis which has heavily
    subsided since changing to a raw vegan diet for the past two and a half
    years, yet i still have flaking dandruff (unnoticeable to others) but i’m
    sure its related to me still shedding and loosing too much hair…. my body
    gets really strong reactions when i eat a lot of fruit ive noticed and
    scalp itching responds in correlation with it.. not a good sign! hope all
    is well for you<3

  9. I was wondering why antifungals could bring up symptoms? And I was
    wondering what kind if itching you mean. Do you mean itching on the skin
    like legs or face? THank you SO MUCH this video has been very helpful 

  10. I believe I have had it for about 4 years. Do you think the healing process
    can be sped up with use of natural antifungals like raw garlic or ginger?

  11. hmmmm but I don’t know how many years I have suffered from candida
    overgrowth. I mean I know that I have yeast infections on and off
    throughtout my life maybe about 4 times. and because of going on
    antibiotics and such. so how am I supposed to know how long I should go on
    this diet. ps so brown rice is good for candida sufferers? I thought all
    grains should be cut out

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