How to Make Remedies for Skin Yeast & Fungus : Naturopathic Medicine

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  2. I think that attacking the root cause of the yeast infection would be more
    helpful that trying to mask the symptoms.

  3. Thanks H

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    infection freedom faster than they ever thought possible… Even if you’ve
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  5. Which method did you use?

  6. Dr. Lucille, how long do you recommend doing this remedy for? How long
    should it take to work, especially for nails?

  7. ugh what are you a witch?

  8. anything that can help mouth sores?

  9. I have trouble with witch hazel can I leave that out of the mixture and
    still get satifactory results?

  10. سامبو هيرو Reply November 17, 2014 at 8:17 pm


  11. Have a friend with MRSA sores – I’ve been looking for info. on treating it
    for him. He first experienced it after a blood transfusion at the hospital,
    has been on a lot of antibiotics. I also saw an article about MRSA in our
    meat supply while researching. Watched this in case any advice could be
    helpful to him — others might want to research MRSA if they have skin
    sores of unknown origin, it is contagious thru close contact (hospitals,

  12. I should have known apple cider vinegar for a yeast infection.

  13. I’m in Minnesota and kind of $ tight. My friend was homeless, sleeping on a
    dirty concrete garage floor when I met him in Nov and has been in the
    hospital abt 20 days in the last 6 weeks with 2 blood transfusions. His
    liver is shot, from MRSA and medications. Between the cold weather, MRSA
    and doctors, prognosis is not good. He’s due for surgery again in 5 days
    from MRSA/ear infection. I don’t think a high-meat diet helps, but that’s
    what he knows. Thanks for advice, I’ll see what I can do.

  14. 100,000 videos?? Gratz!!!

    ELSE DO U DO ?

  16. Do you think spots of vitiligo on the face, fingertips and one biggest spot
    on ankle are manifestations of a systemic (candidiasis) yeast or fungal
    infection? If yes, could these remedies be tried ? This is for my child

  17. Thank you for this helpful video!

  18. Looks like Tila tequila

  19. I made this up for my son who has quite a large recurring area on his neck
    and under his arm and it really worked! Thank you so much! It actually
    worked better than the prescription drugs his doctor gave him.

  20. Disgusting!

  21. Then you’ll want to introduce your friend to Colloidal silver! IT kills all
    Bacteria and Virus within 10 minutes of making contact. You can make it
    yourself using Canadian Maple leafs silver coins as they are .9999 pure
    silver, you just can use them if you live in Canada.

  22. I’ve suffered yeast infection for many years, waste time to seeking the
    successful cure and then discovered it. It is very simple, the key is that
    you must understand the factor cause your problem so that you can simply
    cure it

  23. I know how to clear fungus, wash your ass with soap!!!

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