How to Prepare Yeast at Home By Kalpana Talpade

How to Prepare Yeast at Home By Kalpana Talpade For all those who love baking and make bread at home, here is a great way to make yeast at home. Recipe: Ingr…

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  1. Dear Swati Gupta, this is a Pathare Prabhu delicacy! It is a very simple
    recipe, but you require a little practice to get the yeast right! The
    timing is very very important and the climate too! If you keep the yeast
    for a long time, it will give a foul smell. You try timing your yeast at
    least 2 to 3 times before preparing the bread.

  2. Pls tell how to use it .
    I mean separate the frost from the residents or what pls tell

  3. Kalpana aunty please give the answer of The question of Jagmohan nanaware
    ,I am also going to try your traditional yeast making recipe …. So that
    the short comings of Jagmohan Nanawae yeast will not be repeated….

  4. thanks for uploading this video but kalpana mam, can u tel me? does it
    works as instant yeast for fermentation fast and please tel me can i use
    this yeast for production of bulk bread.plz reply 

  5. Hi Kalpana,

    Thank you for sharing this video, I even saw you making bread, I would like
    to know can we prepare pizza base from this yeast as the dough you made was
    like a paste because you used all the water and milk and added extra warm
    water to it and it became thin. I want to make it in dough like so that i
    can roll it to make a pizza base what to do??

    Will be waiting for reply
    Thank You…

  6. nice one.. i will try it. as am planning to make bread in home..its my 1st

  7. Huh? Amazing….

  8. what does yeast called in telugu

  9. thank you so much

  10. Jagmohan Nanaware Reply January 1, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I tried this first time as well as making a bread (paav) using this today.
    Somehow, following is what I got as results
    1. The yeast was not as frothy as it appeared in the video. It was flat.
    Also it was smelling very strong and awful.
    2. The bread baked very well – just like a cake. But tasted very bad – like

    May I know what I did wrong? Or what mistake I might have made?



  11. very very informative………….thax it is very gud for our animal

  12. howmuch proportion should be used please explain.

  13. great v useful to make fresh yeast at home thanks a ton for sharing it 🙂

  14. thks

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