I’m Getting Better! Coffee Enemas, Fat Malabsorption, Healing Adrenals

To Donate: http://bit.ly/1zcGnqX (The funds go towards improving my videos and my health) A few things I forgot to mention in this video: 1. I’m combining the Body Ecology Diet and the GAPS…
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  1. Hey man, I just wanted to say how insanely similar I am to you in regards
    to your health journey. I’ve struggled with acne all my life and at the age
    of 24 I’m just now starting to see some healing results. I’ve dealt and
    currently still am dealing with gut/digestive issues/adrenal fatigue/low
    testosterone/etc. Maybe we can chat sometime for support. 

  2. I’m really glad that you are feeling better! You have learned a lot for
    sure! I am very, very similar in my health problems and journey as you..
    it’s crazy how similar! I am glad that you are really feeling better. So
    you have found some wonderful things to help you… so I do believe that
    the LORD did answer your prayer, even if you don’t feel like you “heard”
    anything. You asked for help and you have been given these little blessings
    to help move your health in a better direction. I would say that is an
    answered prayer for sure. Jesus loves you and cares about your health. I
    know how much suffering and pain this process involves.. I am there right
    now. But I am amazed at how much God has shown me and allowed me to learn.
    We have come a long way, my friend. God hasn’t forgotten you and He heard
    you that day that you cried. He hears our cries. I am so thankful that He
    gave us the privilege of living in the age of the internet where we can
    learn so much and support each other on our journeys. Let’s never forget
    that every breath we have comes from Him! God bless you for this video. You
    have inspired me to try the coffee enemas because I desperately need some
    relief from the candida die off misery. Thanks. 

  3. start meditating

  4. What type of camera are you using? Great quality!

  5. Good to hear you’re feeling better! could you give us an example of what
    your meals look like now? lean proteins? fruits? thanks

  6. Have you tried or are you considering colonics? I’ve done those and didn’t
    experience a huge impact. But I’m thinking I need to lower or eliminate
    the fats. My tests show poor fat absorption as well. 

  7. there are established fatty oxidation disorders; they fall under inborn
    genetic diseases of metabolism. have you researched these at all? I was
    born with LCHADD. It would be an idea maybe to get tested (skin biopsy) if
    only because an undiagnosed FOD (which is treated/managed by avoiding fats)
    can cause liver and heart damage, rhabdomyolysis and muscle pain, even
    sudden death. You look great I’m on my second 2-week round of nystatin now;
    saw brilliant results while on it a few weeks ago, but the gas and bloating
    came back within a day of finishing. I also had a colonic which gave me
    another week of complete symptom relief. x

  8. sounds like youve been watching elliot hulse?

  9. What enema do you use?

  10. Once you go high carb low fat VEGAN PLANT-BASED you won’t go back!

  11. overgrowth candida is a struggle! but who knows you might just beat it?

  12. I take ox bile whenever I eat fat now. Without this supplement eating any
    amount of fat makes me feel like I just downed a bottle of NyQuil. Not sure
    if I have a candida problem…..just a problem with every bodily function
    really (antidepressant withdrawal was too traumatic for my
    body/brain….I’ve never been the same since).

  13. Pj more update

  14. hi, I hope you doing well , if you need more information you can find me
    on Skype zena.sklir 

  15. yes write a book! i love that you put yourself out there with what you went
    thru…. i have went through so much of the similar things as you have …
    feels good to hear i am not alone

  16. I’m from the UK and I have a fungal overgrowth as well. My doctor
    prescribed me Itraconazole which is apparently a lot stronger than Nystatin
    as it kills lots of different types of fungi. I’ve been following a low fat
    diet as well as my body can’t handle fats at all. Do you have Skype or
    anything like that so we could talk? I don’t use Facebook or any other
    social sites.

    Oh and I’m happy you’re feeling and looking better.

  17. Holistic Health Journal Reply April 4, 2015 at 9:36 am
  18. thisisnotshadowbox91 Reply April 4, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Hey, earlier on I thought you were just making excuses but seeing it now,
    you seem to be taking all this very seriously. Sorry bout that. I was
    wondering if you found a solution to the low blood sugar levels? Like I’ve
    basically got the same problems as you and I can’t fix my sugar levels,
    unless I eat a shit ton of cookies. Literally nothing else works. Thanks.

  19. Which fats did you eliminate?

  20. Dude im so happy for you.

  21. glad you are feeling better. we are the same weight, i’m 6′,2″. I can
    relate to your story. I’m very sensitive like you and i’m finding it is of
    the utmost importance to avoid everything toxic. i still have a ways to go
    to get toxicities out of my body
    thank you
    we are one
    love everything :)

  22. I wonder why the magic is so stressful for you? If so then trade it for
    Martial Arts training! Make sure you have no gall bladder or liver
    problems, that is what regular M.D. are for BUT for nutritional advise etc.
    than forget regular Dr.s because they don’t have a clue. Your right,
    research on your own but simplify. Proper,SIMPLE diet, no drugs or
    supplements at all (except herb), proper breathing, DISTILLED WATER!!,
    remove all stress and people, clear head and clear bowl by coffee enemas
    ONLY, daily, with maybe high fat diet (if cleared by gastroenterologist!).
    My intuitive feeling, watching and listening to you, is you might possibly
    need to naturally remove parasites, ALL OF THEM.
    Look forward to your next book, thanks…….

  23. Do you reccomend reading BED if following the diet?

  24. You look great PJ!!! So happy for you :-)

  25. Hey PJ, I hope you’ll be able to make an update video soon 🙂 I saw on your
    fb page that you had a consultation with Vaughn (spiritofhealthkc) and so
    im really interested in hearing about what he had to say to you and what
    you’re doing now since I have similar issues as you 🙂 and you look really
    great btw! :D

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