I’m NOT the Addict, I’m the ENABLER! or Candida- Tough Love

Today I talk about a very important mental shift that I have made. Just by recognizing the addictive nature of candida, I was able to take myself out of the …
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9 Responses to “I’m NOT the Addict, I’m the ENABLER! or Candida- Tough Love”

  1. ha ha ha you had me laughing with the va jay jay itch thing…..lol

  2. That’s me! I have psoriasis the major cause is candida, I recently found

  3. OHHHH MYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHH! Slap me in the face! Wow! I have all those
    problems, I had no idea it was candida. I thought you only had candida if
    you were crapping out big white worms with the colonics lol Sorry for the
    descriptiveness. Thank you so much! Now I have to do some more research.
    Back to the library I go, I go 🙂

  4. LOL….ohh, im one big smile. You are soo funny, Bunny, I love you. Keep on
    rocking. :-)))) Love and light, Me.

  5. Jennifer Mclaughlin Reply December 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    love it.

  6. OMGEEE I’m enabling as you speak! I just had a poptart and now I’m eating a
    mixed berry bar! It’s like I know it but haven’t stopped! Ahhh! I haven’t
    officially gone on an eating plan yet… Starting that diet plan after the
    bar! 🙂

  7. great videos, love this one, so funny and endearing. Go Bunny!

  8. I so enjoy you!!!

  9. candida clear- by now foods is one of the best supplements for candida.
    also you dont crave sugary foods on them. you need to improve your
    digestion generally also. a digestive enzyme is impotant. this is the
    easier way to do it without a strict diet! good luck!

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