Ingrd: DMSO + Iodine = Dimethyl Sulfoxiodine Pt.2a

The combination of Iodeene with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) eliminates the tendency of elemental Iodeene to upset the stomach if these directions are followed:…

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  2. @ExploreMan2010 If telling the pharmacist you want to buy Dimethyl
    sulfoxide for internal application, he cannot sold it to you without a
    prescription. Seeing these videos, I think that’s just about fine. Some
    people are nuts and would poison themselves readily if someone on the
    internet says it’s good for them.

  3. I agree. I do sound a bit silly. But then, I love silly movies. And I am
    trying to make light of a very serious issue: our degenerative and
    infectious illnesses may be a direct result of insufficient iodine in our
    diet. One friend of mine died of cancer brought on by an accidental double
    lethal dosage of radioactive iodine injected into his kidneys by a nurse.
    And I got poisoned with anti-freeze along with my five cats all of whom
    died within two years – the first two within less than 4 months.

  4. @DMSOI How did you get poisoned along with your 5 cats by anti freeze?

  5. Is this a cleanse, or attempting to get iodine into your system for another

  6. So, do you have NMR data for this reaction? A mechanism? Something to show
    what, exactly, is happening?

  7. @DMSOI How exactly did you along with your 5 cats all ingest anti freeze?

  8. @DMSOI Last week I ordered DMSO in a pharmacy in my town here in germany.
    They told me that it will arrive today. So I went to the pharmacy today and
    asked for my DMSO. Should I tell you what the guy said to me? They CANT get
    it because the DMSO is “questionable” because it´s “maybe” toxic or
    whatever. So NO DMSO for me from the pharmacy. My research in the web
    brings me just positiv results and say that DMSO is very good for some sort
    of illnes. What do you say about his?

  9. great information, like the video!!!!!!!!

  10. LOL your videos are so informative but u sound SO silly talking on camera.
    it sounds like a 1970s era kungfu movie with bad voice overs keep making
    more vids!

  11. nalgaface123456789 Reply April 7, 2014 at 6:52 am

    @DMSOI Wow It almost seems like they are doing it on purpose

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