Is Water Kefir Good For An Anti-Candida and Low Carb Diet?

I have been struggling to try to comprehend if Sugar Water Kefir is beneficial on a Low Carb and Anti-Candida Diet. Considering the high sugar content you would think that it goes against common sense to consume it when you are trying to avoid sugars. But water kefir is extremely high in probiotics that work in symbiosis. Good probiotic supplements that work are really hard to come by. You would have to pay over for a potent probiotic supplement. Good Gut health is associated with better blood glucose control as well as beneficial for weight loss. Gut dysbiosis and Pathogenic Gut bacteria lead to Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease Optimizing Gut Flora Can reduce insulin resistance and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFD), obesity and related health problems… So is the fructose in water kefir really bad? Do the probiotic microbes neutralize the side effects of the fructose? Share your thoughts..
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  1. I am sceptical abt water kefir drinks too – sugar is bad – every fermentation is different – sometimes most of the sugar is converted sometimes much less – if even 8% of the sugar is not eaten by the bacteria then you are consuming sugar – not good.

  2. Each time I eat raw fruit I get a terrible candida reaction.

  3. What worked for me is eliminating sugars in diet for a week.

    1. get prescribed fluconazole

    2. Mouth wash and brush with BIOTENE


    3. Cured!

  4. Diatomaceous Earth [food grade] is supposedly good for Candida, as it cleans out the intestines. It has MANY health benefits too, and it’s pretty cheap.

  5. intensethoughtforus Reply November 25, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Is there a way to tell if your kefir grains have been contaminated? There’s foam and always a mold like substance ever since I dropped some on a dirty counter top surface and gullible put them back in the jar.

  6. explain

  7. this happen to me last week!!!!! after studying an being all excited then buying the poison. but im alleergic to milk so whatever. healthy again an lookin at water kefir

  8. did u get ur candida in control? and if so how?

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  10. Hi healthyfitom, when you said that you do get a small reaction from drinking water kefir, what kind of reaction do you get? I’m curious to know what you experience…

    Thx & peace

  11. Fructose levels can differ from batch to batch depending on temperature and sugar and mineral content. The main thing is you want good growth in the grains so they feed on the sugars. The kefir water can be sweeter or more sour depending on fermentation time. The longer the fermentation time the less sweet it is and more alcoholic. Mine tastes like vinegar and sour as a lemon. I also dilute it with water as it can be a strong drink.

  12. How much fructose does an average serving of water kefir contain? Fructose is 50% of white sugar and intake should not exceed 20-25 grams per day

  13. Unfortunately, you are not correct.
    Fructose alone increases blood lipid levels considerably. Please check the research by John Yudkin

  14. I would send you some, but I don’t have a dehydrator. I will make a sun dehydrator this summer to use for my garden veggies. If it works out I will mail some grains to you.

  15. HomesteadProvocateur Reply November 25, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I am really hoping to get my hands on some water kefir grains, I don’t like dairy kefir and actually got really bad food poisoning from eating some dairy kefir gone bad.

  16. Keep eating your fructose. A piece of fruit here and there is fine, shouldn’t be a daily staple of your diet.

  17. I have bought kefir grains online from kefirlady (dot) com
    and culturesforhealth (dot) com

  18. heartscanblog (dot) blogspot (dot) com/ 2010/ 02/ diabetes-from-fruit (dot) html

  19. where do you buy water kefir grains?

  20. Fructose is a natural sugar in Oranges, ect… Is GOOD for you. High-Fructose Corn Syrup and other processed / concentrated sugars are BAD.

  21. I eat mostly raw or semi raw meat. I have more energy than when I was vegetarian.

  22. I just ordered some last week, and have been wondering about the sugar, we don’t do sugar anymore, just molasses and honey sometimes. I hope this hasn’t been a mistake. So Greenlord is there any studies to look up that show that the fructose is also digeted by the bacteria? I really don’t want to give my kids sugar.

  23. fructose is not left behind in the fermentation process, it is just consumed after the simple sugars as they are less easily processed by bacteria. Fructose is not bad for you unless it is processed. fructose is a complex carbohydrate which is needed by our body but takes longer to process. If you go one level deeper and study the polysaccharides ( the most complex carbohydrate known), you will realize they are extremely beneficial to us and the reason is not even known to this day

  24. Funny you should mention that… I had ordered some earlier this week. Let me know how it works. I have read some mixed testimonies about MMS, but am willing to try it.
    The water kefir is helping me greatly. I have been able to make it very low sugar so it tastes like apple cider vinegar.

  25. Hi Catherine,I have just come across something I thought you would be interested in.MMS-Miracle Mineral Supplement. Research on youtub and google.Started my family on it this week,(I am very excited by this cheep product)

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