Join Me: Candida Cleanse + 4L of Water/Day Challenge!

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  1. Great video I too am committed to clearing my system. Plus, i’m sure you
    know but maybe some don’t…. try making your own Kombucha! It contains
    tons of beneficial probiotics which is super healthy for your body and your
    brain! it’s amazing stuff! look it up peeps! 

  2. I’m starting the cleanse tomorrow and I am so excited! My resolution for
    this year is to get myself the healthiest I can be and to get my body and
    mind connected again. Hoping this cleanse and more exercise, along with
    meditation, will help accomplish that. We all deserve to be the strongest
    physically and spiritually that we can be, and though it may take some
    upkeep, it is so very worth it.
    Please keep making videos, my friend! They’re great. Much love and peace to
    you on your journey. 🙂 

  3. Coconut oil is extremely antifungal… I’ve heard countless of stories and
    experienced it’s benefits against candida myself! Eat a teaspoon or two a
    day, plus it gets converted to energy right away due to it’s medium chain
    triglycerides structure … So no worry about overdoing it a little cuz
    it’s an awesome fat ! Which doesn’t act like a fat ! More like energy boost

  4. Listen carefully … Candida Albicans (Fungus) Issues …. Sugar,
    Candida, Diabetes 1 & 2, Protein :: Robert Morse, ND 9-25-12 Two Herbal
    formulas that help with candida and parasites are: 1.
    wormwood herb, black walnut hull, pau d arco bark, parsley root &
    leaf,wormseed,cats claw bark,clove bud,barberry root,tansy herb,fennel
    seed,cascara sagrada bark, cape aloe leaf. formula 2- Pau d arco bark,
    black walnut hull,cats claw bark,goldenseal root,olive leaf extract, usnea
    lichen, thyme leaf,butternut bark, barberry root.
    Love and blessings 🙂
    DEEP DETOX / CLEANSE with FRUIT: Public Domain Video

  5. Apple cider vinegar rocks! Even Sevan swears by it. Look into Borax too,
    this replenishes the salts we used to get through our farms but do not
    anymore because the soil is overworked. 1/8th tsp in one of your liters of
    water per day. The Borax will cleanse all three eyes and enable the pineal
    gland to see much more clearly. No more floaters in your visual field is
    also a nice side effect.

  6. You know why you always have problems with insects? Because you always in
    the forest. I’m gonna try this :)

  7. Thank you for this great video! I’ve actually came to the same conclusion
    after asking you last time. I had to translate into Russian an article
    about candida and raw food diet advantages – it came to me in perfectly
    right time. Now for about a month I’ve been having about 3.5-4 liters of
    water daily, shot of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water in the
    morning, lots of green veggies and green spirulina-kale-fruit smoothies,
    vitamins (D, magnesium, fish oil, coconut oil (I add it to my coffee) and
    oregano oil). Needless to say about daily exercise (running or T25). Though
    it slowed down my desire to run for a chocolate bar to the store, it didn’t
    seize the craving completely yet, I guess I need a stronger conscious
    desire to stop it completely. I’m so glad you did this video and would love
    to start same cleansing routine! 

  8. I have most likely a candida problem and I will also try a cleansing with
    you 🙂

    For the last 10 years I have tried to eat as little as possible of fast
    carbohydrates but as soon as I eat a little the sugar, potatoes or similar
    with fast carbohydrates extreme cravings for sugar kick in and I get bad
    mood swings the day after if I eat sugar. Lately I have taken a tablespoon
    of extra virgin coconut oil daily and that helps a lot to avoid the moods
    swings I get if I eat sugar.

  9. So funny. I just did one of these a couple weeks ago! But I only lasted
    about 4 days. lol

  10. I didn’t know about sprulina until a few years ago when I also learned
    about the effects of beta alanine. As soon as I found out about it I told
    my wife and my mother about it and anyone who would even pretend to listen
    to me.

  11. Hi Christina, candida overgrowth is awful. I heard so many people who have
    tried a candida cleanse and it doesn’t work in the long run and is
    unhealthy. Have you read about the raw food diets, I’d recommend this video
    – Candida: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!. I cleared my candida doing
    this, and feel great x

  12. Christina Martine Reply January 8, 2015 at 4:39 am
  13. i ll support u for this nice video!!

  14. i’m in, cool!

  15. Great Video

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