This is my FAMOUS IMMUNITY BOOSTING BLEND!!! Watch this video right away, IF YOU ARE SICK, diseased, CHEM-TRAIL FLU, acidic, candida, ETC. NOT a beginner juice, I am not a doctor, and …
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  1. Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations Reply April 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    This is my FAMOUS IMMUNITY BOOSTING BLEND!!! Watch this video right away,
    IF YOU ARE SICK, diseased, CHEM-TRAIL FLU, acidic, candida, ETC. NOT a
    beginner juice, I am not a doctor, and none of the information in any of my
    videos is intended to treat, or diagnose. ALL of the information shared, is
    my own personal beliefs, factual research, views & opinions. This blend is
    an EXTREME juice blend, so this is not for someone who takes prescriptions,
    so check with your doctor before beginning to get healthy through natural
    means as often times many glorious plant based harmonious things, such as
    listed ingredients in this video will Interact with prescription
    medications which toxify the liver. Above all else common sense needs to
    prevail if you have a extreme ailment or issue, as many of the things
    mentioned in this video will in fact lessen many effects of man made
    synthesized/chemicals, DID you know that almost all prescriptions are based
    on natural plant based harmonious organic goodness, but they take something
    natural and synthesize it and toxify it all up. Prescriptions Drugs DO NOT
    BACK to nature and we need to learn to start juicing the glorious goodness
    provided to us naturally from nature organically. Learn to GROW much of
    this stuff yourself and just snip a little basil as you need it, When we
    chew the basil leaves this also acts as an immune stimulant and helps
    dispel congestion, and sore throats, very good for cough’s as well, as
    Basil is an ingredient in many cough syrups. This blend is for hardcore
    ailments issues in the body, this is NOT for beginners, this for advanced
    stages of sickness and dis-ease after one has been detoxifying a while, and
    one may be having a healing reaction from such toxic chemotherapy, and
    radiation, that comes out of the body, often time toxins stored at bone
    level, all comes back out into the body about 5 to 6 years after “Medical
    Treatment”. 95% of cancer is not Genetic, it is from TOXICITY, FREE RADICAL
    DAMAGE, Environmental pollutions, Chemtrail Toxins coming down from the
    atmosphere, Morgellons, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s), Microwaved,
    Radiated, Canned, Processed, Packaged, “Preserved”, Phthlalate Laden
    Plastic( ALL Plastic is) . This blend is for those extreme conditions where
    ToXINS need to be flushed rapidly, and the whole system needs to
    re-alkalize. This blend features CELERIAC, which is LOADED w Potassium and
    Magnesium and is an excellent immunity booster in it”s own right as this
    is how the celery was intended to be, it also alkalizes and BURNS FAT(watch
    my celeriac video to learn more) RED BELL PEPPER, Does it all(watch my
    video on that to, titled DNA repairing, bc the rbp is supreme healing)
    Basically the glorious bell adds the right touch of heat to the entire mix,
    and is loaded w phytonutrients that will work synergistically with all the
    other nutrients, it blends well w everything is what I am saying and it
    increases circulation throughout the whole body, and increases how fast
    other nutrients get there as well to be able to provide immediate relief.
    Basil is an immune stimulant( Watch my basil video) Oregano, what can I
    say, IT IS AN HERB that does it all, the oil that is extracted from the
    oregano through a fully masicating juicer, is Antiaging, powerful
    antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory,
    IMMUNE STIMULANT. Like I wrote, it does it all, & the ESSENTIAL OIL of it
    is very healing! Applied with things like Clove, Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon,
    and Lemon in a base of jojoba, or coconut oil will help rid pathogens which
    are often harbored around the spinal cord. Massaging along this pathway of
    electrical conduction throughout the body will help rid some of the
    ailments, in my opinion and I personally find this to be beneficial, doing
    every night and also apply the oils to the various other vita flex points,
    synergistically all the oils work together over night to help rid bacteria
    and pathogens, and overall raise one’s vibration. Also it is beneficial for
    me to take BLACK Cumin SEED OIL about twenty to thirty minutes prior to
    making this elixir, and then also apply a bit of Black cumin seed oil to
    the crown of the head combined w lemon, frankincense, and myrrh, before
    bed. If you are wanting to juice this in the evening then this is the blend
    for you, although it will not make you tired if you drink it during the
    day. It contains Adaptogens, which can adapt to stress, and nervous
    tension, act as a mild sedative, very calming if needed to be. This blend
    is a powerful combo of divine phytonutrients which all combine well with
    synergistically, I have videos on all the divine veggies AND Root, so
    please take the time to watch them sometime to see what all these
    individual things do, bc I was compressed for time in this video to
    elaborate on only important bits of information, the highlights, in my
    opinion.THANK YOU!!! Peace and LOVE TO ALL!!!

  2. peaceful vid, thx

  3. beware the toxicity of those burning candles.

  4. Your energy is so peaceful and uplifting 🙂
    Thanx so much for sharing the love…. and your juice recipes!!

  5. Cynthia Stanley-Tracy Reply April 20, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Nice video jimmy

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