Kidney Stones: Symptoms, Prevention, and Relief

Michael Lipkin, MD, of Duke Urology of Raleigh, talks about kidney stones — what they are, who gets them, and kidney stone treatment and prevention strategies.
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  1. Check out this video on YouTube:Az



  2. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced “KIDNEY SAND” ? I have stones
    but when feel them coming out and i catch them they are tiny grains of
    sand! I know this may sound gross but ,hey we may be all in the same boat,
    I clean and sterilize my bathtub with bleach and scalding hot water, before
    I get in, then when I am 100% sure my feet are clean and there is no sand
    stuck to me, i get in. Then when the “birthing pains” come its tiny stones,
    it looks like someone with sandy feet has stood in the water. My GP tells
    me that stones this small should not be causing pain, but my theory is, is
    that there is a foreign object in me it’s going to hurt coming out the
    biggest stone is 5mm and I am feeling like I am going insane can someone
    please tell me if they have had a similar experience and if their doctors
    make them feel like they are insane also.

  3. Courtney T. Steffen Reply March 5, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    The truth is, kidney disorder is the problem with your immune system. You
    need to heal the root cause in order to remove it permanently

  4. Elizabeth C. Cole Reply March 5, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    Also it is good to remember that lots of us are vomiting and sweating out
    lots of water, so lots of claims of “you’re not getting enough water!”,
    should be reconsidered.
    I have bore more than 9,000 stones of every kind since
    I have given up on sweet tea and soda, ice cream, everything I loved and I
    feel like after I drink more than a half gallon of O2 expelling it and
    not feeling the benefit of it and the more we expel the more pain we get.
    It sort of feels like we are told to drink more to cause less stones, and
    yet the act of expulsion causes horrible pain.
    Plus who can afford to pee 20 times every night!
    I mean you’d have to give up an obsession or two just to find the time to
    catch up on your sleep Not that any of us get much rest…. but I still
    don’t want to spend a sixth of my life peeing!

  5. Great video!! This guy is good and I will drink a lot of lemon Juice.
    Hopefully adding a little sugar won’t hurt because I don’t like the sour

  6. Elizabeth C. Cole Reply March 5, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Been passing them since 6, I was wondering what are the risks of lots of CT
    scans are. Plus, what does it mean when you have multiple stones in both
    kidneys? Thanks for the video, it gives me a bit of hope when coping with
    these painful little fffers. 🙂

  7. Watched the whole thing. This guy knows his stuff. He repeated what my
    urologist told me verbatim. Especially the 24 hour urine tests for
    determining the cause. kudos 

  8. thanks Doc.

  9. You are sick…eating animals cause stones period.

  10. hey ,if anyone else is searching for natural kidney stones treatment try
    Alkarno Kidney Stone Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent
    things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

  11. I’m 11 and I came here because its nighttime and I’m in pain so hopefully
    its just a cramp

  12. Paxi Winterstein Reply March 6, 2015 at 1:46 am

    You can’t prevent kidney stones by just following this guides –

  13. Mohamed A.Mohsen Reply March 6, 2015 at 2:10 am

    very nice doctor

  14. I really love dukemedicine absolutely impeccable university, if i had the
    money I’d love to visit Duke and MIT brain research institute thank you for
    the upload guys your frend Nicholas E @ sn1pe352

  15. It is very important you have a competent person reading the CT scan!, I
    got diagnosed with a only one 2mm stone only to find out later I had
    another larger 5mm stone that was totally missed using a CT scan at Hilo
    Hospital, hope this info helps someone in the future as I would have asked
    for pain medications if I knew of the 2nd. Stone… My regular Dr. Never
    ordered pain meds. After pleading with him,… Name of Dr. Will be given to
    you if I’m asked. Be aware!!!

  16. No easy access to that site, Why?

  17. i had ultrasound few wks ago they said i had 2 stones one is 6mm and other
    is 7mm im not having pain yet. i went to dr today she said its hard to tell
    if it a stone or calcus. she said it can be determined through a ct scan.
    but she didnt recommend to do anything. i wanna know if it is a stone i
    want to be treated for it before it starts bothering me. can u please give
    me ur opinion what would u recommend thanks

  18. i am 18 yr old boy and had about kidney stones recurring from 5yrs now on
    my left kidney…i want to know how does ultrasound feels like. i don’t
    want a knife cuttin me. i ain’t got that much gut.

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