Learn about different kinds of yeast

What is the history of the yeast we use today? What is instant yeast? How long will it keep? Find out with this video.

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  1. Hey you forgot to mention the large varieties of brewers yeast. There are
    many varieties of ale yeast and lager yeast. These yeasts are used in
    brewing beer. Since you are knowledgeable in yeast you know of brewers
    yeast and realize how big an impact brewers yeast have in the world of
    yeast. I think you have something against beer brewing. 

  2. Thank You for this video. it was super helpful to me today. God Bless You. 

  3. @keg265 for instant yeast you mix it straight into the dry ingredients, and
    generally use about 25% less yeast if the recipe calls for active dry.
    However, any amount of yeast will leaven the dough eventually, it will just
    take longer. If you want to give it a shot, you might want to half the
    amount of yeast the recipe calls for, and give it a much longer
    fermentation process for better flavor.

  4. I find it in the cake mixes aisle.

  5. How do you use instant in place of active dry ? Would you use the same
    amount called for in the recipe ?

  6. Veeery helpful. Thank you.

  7. thanks for the info.

  8. What aisle would I find these on?

  9. Good … Thanks allots

  10. Merci!

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