Live Candida Spit Test | Do you have Candida? (2014)

If you want to do a quick assessment whether you have candida or not, try out this easy at home spit test. How do you do it? 1) First thing in the morning (b…
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  1. Ewww! Lol but this is still a great video. Very educational.

  2. Tshenelle Nelly B. Bethel Reply April 4, 2014 at 7:51 am

    oh wow Jass..

  3. Do you have Candida? Yes, everyone “has Candida.” It’s all over your skin,
    it’s in the air you breathe, it’s on everything you eat from fruit to a
    chocolate bar. The entire world is inundated with Candida. Candida is a
    naturally-occurring strain of yeast that humans have lived with for at
    least the last 5,000 thousand years.

    How do we know we’ve lived with Candida for this long? Because as far back
    as recorded history, and most likely before, we used the Candida genus to
    first leaven bread in places like Egypt and the Saudi peninsula. In fact,
    some people to this day still make bread using the same recipe — it’s
    known as sourdough (real sourdough, not the stuff with acetic acid just
    added for the tangy taste).

    Typically, we live in harmony with Candida as it’s a naturally occurring
    substance and all the flora and fauna on and in our bodies live quite
    happily with it. Of course, we all know of yeast infections, and those
    occur when the amount of Candida becomes overpopulated in an area. However,
    that doesn’t mean Candida is bad for us.

    So what’s the deal with this new fad regarding Candida being bad or Candida
    overgrowth causing all the health woes in your life? It’s what’s called a
    “commercial illness”, and it follows the formula as other commercials
    intended to sell a product for a problem you never knew you had: present
    the problem and then give the solution. Candida has been variously called
    the cause of everything from cancer to toenail fungus to exhaustion. While
    toenail fungus *may* be caused by Candida, it’s much more likely to be
    caused by dermatophytes and for the rest, there’s literally no science to
    back up any of these claims.

    In fact, it’s just the opposite — there is science that refutes the claim.
    In the reviewed and published study, *A randomized, double-blind trial of
    nystatin therapy for the candidiasis hypersensitivity syndrome* (, it was found that those taking
    nystatin experienced no better relief of symptoms than those taking the
    placebo. Since nystatin is a well-tested and working cure for yeast issues,
    we are left with the fact that this Candida syndrome does not truly exist.

    In the end, what we have is a fad industry being built up around a made-up
    illness. You’re lead to believe that every chronic issue you face is due to
    this “infection.” You’re scared into buying into this industry to rid your
    body of this singular, horrible cause of all your health woes.

    And what about the spit test? Doesn’t that prove a Candida problem? What if
    you were told you that if your urine was a yellow color, it was proof of a
    Candida problem? I’m sure you may question such a claim since you know that
    yellow urine is natural, everyone has it and have known this since as far
    back as you could probably remember. However, people aren’t regularly
    running around spitting in water and watching what happens, so when this
    unique test comes up, the common results could be spun to mean anything in
    order to sell a product. In short, you have no baseline to even know if
    what’s occurring in that glass after you spit in it is an issue or not.
    What seals the deal on this is that you’re told that this is an epidemic,
    so when it turns out that what happens to spit in water is common among
    everyone you know, you don’t think that the problem is nonexistent, but
    instead are fooled into believing that everyone has the problem.

    Some of you may think that you have been following a “Candida cleansing
    ritual” for a while now, and you feel like a brand new person. As pointed
    out in the study I quoted above, what you’re experiencing is a placebo
    effect. Your ritual is honestly accomplishing nothing but changing your
    psyche, not your actual physical health.

    Best of health and keep a critical eye out for commercial illnesses like

  4. Brooke Marshmellows Reply April 4, 2014 at 9:19 am

    I’m diagnostic with candida and it sucks

  5. i hav heard this test is accurate…but in ur case its tru, cuz look at ur
    test and u do have it feel better soon. i am following…

  6. Thanks for sharing

  7. I swear were twins lol. I’ve been having imbalances and I have eczema and
    alopecia in the back of my head that keeps falling out with stress and
    depression. I’m so glad I found your channels and hopefully I can get on a
    healthy start as well. Thank you soo much!!

  8. MyNaturalMyChoice Reply April 4, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Keeping you lifted up before God in prayer….

  9. What are you taking for it

  10. GetHealthyWith Jass Reply April 4, 2014 at 12:24 pm

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