My Dirty Little Secret, Detox Enema: candida, parasites, MCS

Lots of Info on detox enemas. Funny and informative! My 1st Coffee Enema Video . My website is http://www.detoxth…
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  1. Great video ! Thanks so much for being willing to discuss this. So many
    people aren’t willing to discuss anything of the such. That is KILLING US.

  2. Do you need to do a cleansing enema before doing coffee? Everyone talks
    about doing coffee but they never explain if you should cleans first.
    Can you explain?

  3. It’s likely you’ll get Candida infection symptoms show up if you’ve got a
    weak immune system orpoor diet.

  4. thanks for the info. great vid. i like the seductive intro. lol

  5. The great news! It is possible to cure your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    forever freedom from Yeast Infections in only 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  6. did you find out what the “bug” was?

  7. Good video. Thanks for your honesty and info re enemas!!

  8. Thanks for this! Have you done any kind of cleanse (orally) with psyllium
    husks fiber and/or bentonite clay? If so, in conjunction with enemas? Would
    you recommend?

  9. Myans and Egyptians did enemas! wow really

  10. HealthyBeautySarah Reply January 11, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    I wouldn’t say sugar is a poison out cells NEED sugar! We just need to
    cleanse all the fat & toxins first that clog the cells. Good video.

  11. Eve, you look great, radiant health. It all pays off.

  12. Have you seen these implantorama’s? They work great… no cheap rubber or
    plastic. google it.

  13. @pfshooter …HAHAHA

  14. @pooie0116 I have tried the Bentonite Psyllium cleanse. I have directions
    and a “store” with the cheapest best product on my website. Frankly, I have
    tried it a few times but never follow through with it. I’ll give it another
    try. I think it seems like a winning combo.

  15. You do realize it was a fake cigarette? She made a note a few seconds later.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing. Takes a lot of courage to reveal such ‘inside’
    secrets to help us in our goal to reach health (from chronical illness).

  17. did you ever find out what they were? i had a few of these expel during a
    colonic and my colon therapist said it was ascaris.

  18. began to see my “Allergic Reactions”. it ended up, I was allergic to ALL
    dairy (except eggs) All Wheat and Oats! Salt reaction, Garlic reaction.
    OMG, she looked like she thought I was gonna drop right there! Definitely
    Candida, (what’s that I blurted) I had been Itchy like crazy in places I
    don’t want to talk about, and now, every time I eat anything with sugar or
    salt ITCHY. I swore off of salt but caught myself eating a Large bag of
    potato chips, that’s what you call a “Holy Mackeral Moment”

  19. Thank you very much for the honesty and information……. Illness can be
    such a lonely thing especially when Doctors dont really want to discuss
    things like Candida. I’ve been using enemas off and on for years and always
    feel better after. I guess I will have to do more regularly and improve my
    diet if I want to rid my body of the toxins and parasites for good. Thx
    again and good luck to everybody with these problems x

  20. So grateful, I happened to pay a skeptical visit to a Qualified
    Nutritionist. I was having difficulty losing weight (fat), I had been a Gym
    Rat since I was 17, now I am 60. As an avid health and fitness enthusiast,
    I spent 43 years doing , High Protein, High Dairy Product, high red meat
    and chicken intake, fist fulls of L-Arginnine, Omegas, Oat bran, Quaker
    Oats in my Smoothies. The “Nutritionist Did a Series of “Allergy Tests” non
    intrusive. Her face went White (she was a Hindu girl) when she

  21. Candida (pronounced can die da) is part of your natural flora. Your
    intestines, mouth, and vagina, have a balance of bacteria and fungus. Yes,
    there is a balance. And much of the natural flora play a critical role in
    digestion, and production of vitamins that you can’t produce without them,
    ie, vitamin K and B’s. I have a comprehensive parasitology chart on a Word
    document I can send you, if you’re still interested. It includes pictures &
    descriptions. However there’s a risk in self diagnosis.

  22. No cream no sugar and it’s Bottoms Up!

  23. you should try just your fingers and demonstrate for us on a different
    website. lofl j/k

  24. Exit not for things to go In

  25. Thanks for posting…I am in 3rd year of detoxing mercury. Love your
    closing line!!!

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