Olive Leaf Extract Works Well on Disease

Olive leaf extract is one of the best disease fighters in the world. Most people may be unaware of how powerful olive leaf extract really can be. http://www….
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25 Responses to “Olive Leaf Extract Works Well on Disease”

  1. How about Retinitis Pigmentosa? Can this be cured, even though it run’s in
    the family?

  2. I herd that olive leaf extract can cure herpes hsv1 and 2 but it has to be
    the super strength is that true

  3. hey james I love all your videos and I wish you can make 1 by showing how
    olive leaf extract can eradicate the hsv virus please could you make 1 if
    you could

  4. I’m scared as shit..I have brought, mms to get rid of my herpes but it’s
    causing, more pain than relief. if I change my eatting habits n take the
    oregano oil will it kill the parasite forever. will I have to remain a
    veggie to insure thr virus dont come back? I need real help I m ready to
    give up.

  5. this guy knows his stuff….This video is about New Age’s Product., This
    product does work very well!

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