Plexus Fungus Candida Info

What Plexus can do for you. Candida and your health. Autoimmune Issues. On Facebook I am Lori Word Harrison, my link is www.facebook…
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4 Responses to “Plexus Fungus Candida Info”

  1. Great information! Thanks!

  2. Lori…what book are your reading from in this video? I’d like a copy!

  3. This is EXACTLY what it feels like to Lupus! That my BODY is trying to
    slowly kill itself. thank you so much Lori for this “HOPE” I am a new
    Ambassador (1 week and 2 days) and I have told EVERYONE I know and who
    doesnt even know me, just sees my skin at the doctors offfices, ALL about
    this product!!!
    Thank You Lori!!!

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