Popping infected hair follicle

I have 2 infected hair follicles (Believe it or not, but you can get them from changing your deodorant brand) I went to a Dr, and she said unless I could bus…


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  1. Stephanie DeRamus Reply April 18, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    This is staph. An antibiotic is needed to treat this as well as

  2. Try putting Vicks vapo rub on it overnight and then in the morning it is
    way easier to pop

  3. These things hurt sooooo bad.

  4. Best pop ever

  5. Damn girl. 2 of them suckers . God I feel your pain and yes I agree you are
    a trooper

  6. Lol she has 4 tatas wish shed hav popped the other one

  7. dangers of shaving!!!! I have one on my head, but on the back and can’t do
    it my self… usually get them in my pubic area between the legs when my
    underwear catch the hairs and pull them out of if my pants are two low I
    get them higher because of the button or belt rubbing the follicle… but
    those are easier to deal with because I can see them and by the way it is
    better after a warm showr because the skin is more pliable and you are less
    likely to leave a mark

  8. Ooooof those are the worst.

  9. Pop the other one lol

  10. not any vagina ive seen…

  11. Damn my brother had one under he’s armpit too, he got it cut open instead
    of popping it. It’s so disgusting when you popped them, soo much gunk comes
    out of it then later it comes back again then you have to pop it again.
    repeat until its all gone.

  12. All the jokes about boobs and pussy and stuff like that is very disgusting
    and immature. These are not fun to have, let alone be joked about.

  13. Shrekyoself Befoyouwreckyoself Reply April 19, 2014 at 4:09 am

    Learn to shave.

  14. Haha thankyou! Yeah I definitely wasn’t going to let something like that
    defeat me!

  15. I got a knife and sliced my face to get rid of one of these.

  16. I’ve had those a couple times…. it hurts like hell, it’s like the skin
    under your arms is the most tender place on the body.

  17. I am NEVER cutting my hair again and for sure straightening it so the comb
    pulls out less, Also because of my Native American roots, I decided to let
    it grow, but keeping it in a braid!!! as far as below I have that under
    control because I trim the hair so the curls are not getting stuck in
    elastic any more.

  18. Well I think we all had an insight as to how this persons sounds in bed!!!

  19. I’m only saying what’s been said I’m sure, but your armpit has cleavage.
    I’m not gonna lie… It’s kinda hot, kinda

  20. tough girl for sure

  21. Fuck does she what us to all puke?!?!?! because im about to!

  22. Wow a virgin puss? This video should be flagged for showing child porn on
    YouTube. Aka Virgin CreamPie!

  23. That clear stuff is plasma. Mixed with blood

  24. Act now and you’ll get not one of the Super Deluxe Armpit Boils, but TWO
    for the same low-LOW price.

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