Raw Carob Powder vs Roasted Carob Powder

http://fitonraw.com Raw or roasted carob powder. Which is better for taste and texture? But wait, isn’t roasted carob cooked… Ready to go raw, but have no …


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  1. You’re the best! Thanks

  2. i was looking for advice on making a carob powder, mint and maybe almond
    milk or banana “ice cream”. never made it before i just want to try to see
    what will taste closer to mint chocolate smoothie/ice cream. =)

  3. A link to an affordable brand of raw carob powder currently on sale! enjoy!

    10.99 a pound and it as terrific reviews.

  4. Answered my queries precisely. What a helpful video!

  5. Answered my queries precisely. What a helpful video!

  6. Thanks for this great video. That was the question I had for u. Which is

  7. Thank you for the info on carob powder. I’ve noticed that the nutritional
    facts seem quite different between the two as well. For example, the raw
    has substantially more fiber (perhaps the explanation for the straw like
    texture you mentioned). Please compare and contrast the nutritional
    benefits of one over the other in your next video. 

  8. try toasted carob powder from bobs red mill..

  9. Yes, there is a distinct differences between the two. I get my carob from
    Blue Mountain Organics… both their lightly roasted and really raw version
    are good, but the lightly roasted definitely fits the bill as a chocolate
    substitute, whereas the raw version, IMO, is better in recipes no requiring
    a smooth texture… I don’t use it so much that I really worry about which
    one I use… both are good, but I prefer the lightly roasted in banana ice
    cream and smoothies. 😉

  10. Cocoa powder is tasty too.

  11. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I am totally opposite! I LOVE raw carob and was out and thought I would try
    the roasted, yuck! Think I’ll stick to my raw! 🙂

  13. Do the benefits differ between Raw and Roasted? Anyone? Thanks. I have
    never had carob.

  14. Hi Swayze, which are the brand of the cooked carob power? Thank you

  15. I got my raw Organic carob powder at One Life natural foods in Santa Monica
    very cheap and its Delicious, Just wisk it up in some warm almond milk,
    Cashew milk whatever you prefer, it was great! Has many health benefits too
    and no Acid

  16. Eww lol! I actually liked the tasted of the Truly Raw, but the texture is
    just awful. It reminds me of the sawdust janitors would use in school when
    a kid threw up…not that I’ve ever tasted that stuff 😛

  17. I think the brand you got has something to do with the texture, mine is
    never gritty. They have some at whole foods, but I ordered mine from Vibe.

  18. This is good to know! I’ve tried a couple of different raw carob powders,
    one being the Truly Raw from RFW and they both reminded me of the flavor of
    Del Taco hot sauce in the little red packets…Ha ha! I was so bummed about
    them. I’m guessing I would like the roasted carob because I always loved
    carob raisins as a kid. :0)

  19. It figures that the Monarchs would be charging so much more.

  20. Chatfield’s Carob Powder. 🙂

  21. Did you whiten your teeth, they look whiter.

  22. Thanks for this video Swayze

  23. CarbedUp VeganMuscle Reply March 14, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Hey Swayze, I just googled “raw vs toasted carbo powder, and you were one
    of the top hits on google, congrats.

  24. natureasintended Reply March 14, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    I enjoyed carob for a while and didn’t have any problem with the texture.
    It was good as a little chocolate pot alternative with
    lacuma/mesquite/water also. Now I ♥ fruit smoothies just as they are; I’ll
    use it again in future if I have the desire though, although conventional
    chocolate cravings have long gone (wow!) The carob I got was Shazzie’s. I
    wouldnt buy any other powders like maca and cacao (harmful stimulants) as I
    prefer a food-style of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds like yours 🙂

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