Raw Fruit Smoothie that KILLS CANDIDA -YEAST!

Is it possible for a raw fruit smoothis to actually KILL CANDIDA? Yes! You just add coconut and cinnamon! The caprylic acid in the coconut detroys candida. This is a great candida cleanse smoothie. Make this a part of your candida diet. Cinnamon is said to be active against “Candida Albicans” a fungus which is responsible for yeast infections. Also, I added flax seed, a prebiotic to help increase the amount of acidophilus in the digestive tract.


8 Responses to “Raw Fruit Smoothie that KILLS CANDIDA -YEAST!”

  1. YouJustFoundTheTruth Reply April 16, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Well Done MATE

  2. Good stuff
    Is the cinnamon from Frontier Medicinal?

    I know some cinnamon in stores is just for taste

  3. Add as much as you like.. to taste.

  4. Hello is there anyone you can post how much of the cinnamon and coconut? Like a teaspoon of cinnamon…thanks. I normally drink a raw green smoothie mon through friday.

  5. Your welcome!

  6. Powder, stick, whatever! 🙂 

  7. do u use a cinnamon stick?

  8. thanks for sharing!  great idea for candida!

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