Reasons for Recurring Yeast Infections

Reasons for Recurring Yeast Infections

Article by Julie White

Vaginal yeast is always present, although typically it’s kept to a healthy state by the body’s own defense mechanisms. Yeast infections arise when the levels of yeast grow quicker than the antibodies can manage. Yeast infections occur when the levels of yeast grow faster than the antibodies can handle.

Sexual activity and disease are often reasons for this, but they’re not alone: many chemicals can be contribute to the problem, as do even the clothes you have on.

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Unfortunately, the current fashion of wearing skintight clothes and underwear is a good way to encourage yeast to expand because they don’t allow the skin and vaginal membranes to breathe.Stay away from wearing anything that does not allow the crotch to breathe and wear natural fiber clothing and underwear, like cotton, rather than synthetics.

Many common chemicals that are found in products such as douches, deodorants and detergents also add to recurring yeast infections.

As a precaution, at least wash your underwear by itself using a mild soap.Douches and other substances such as anti-bacterial soaps introduced into or near the vagina can kill bacteria which would normally deal with the yeast, therefore allowing a yeast infection to erupt.

While these environmental and chemical factors are paramount to remember, they are not the core causes of recurring yeast infections.

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Antibiotics not just eliminate the bacteria which cause disease, they kill healthy, yeast fighting bacteria also.

Recurring yeast infections are also caused by either pregnancy or the application of birth control pills. These both lead to hormonal fluctuations in the body and these changes upset the floral balance of the vagina.

A weak immune system is yet another main cause of recurring yeast infections. It is not just serious diseases that weaken or destroy the immune system – even a little stress alone is enough to weaken it to a state to cause problems. If a weakend immune system is the culprit, you may find yeast infection inside either the mouth or genitals or even both.

Yeast infections can easily be picked up during sexual intercourse, even though they aren’t classified among sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Because men often do not always experience the symptoms of the disorder, they often pass it on to their sexual partners unwittingly. Among the host of other reasons why wearing condoms is recommended, this is another one.

Your diet should not be overlooked either, because it can either make yeast infections worse or help eliminate them. Sweet foods, including most fruits and foods containing refined sugar are foods for yeast. Other foods, such as leafy green vegetables and raw vegetables, help bring the infection under control.

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