Revolutionary Treatment For Heel Pain — American Fork, Utah Podiatrist

Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem seen with heel pain, especially first step in the morning. The pain increases over time and limits the ability to even do normal activities. Topaz Radiocobla…

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  1. I now it hurts i dont wish this on no one god help people like us god bless
    all ya i well pray for all ya and for others like us god bless ya yours
    truly melissa bright

  2. +Stevns Erhvervsråd *Plantar fasciitis is aggravated by tight muscles in
    your feet and calves. Stretching your calves and plantar fascia is one of
    the most effective way to relieve the pain that comes with this condition.*

  3. plantar fasciitis hurts right before the heel, usaully at the arc of the

  4. The music on this sucks…and its distracting. I stopped watching after 30

  5. What is it with the phantom of the opera music we need to hear this
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  6. I hate typing but this is worthwhile. Heel pain can be resolved WITHOUT
    Here is how to solve the problem.
    You need a orthodic that has a heel cup. This makes the fat pad stay under
    the center of the heel instead of spreading out with no support.
    The thing the doctors do NOT tell you because they do not know is that you
    MUST wear the orthodic at night when you get up to go to the bath room.
    Otherwise you just keep aggrevating the problem.
    IF you just wear your shoes EVERY TIME you get up the problem will go away
    in less than a month.

  7. Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute Reply April 29, 2015 at 12:05 am

    Topaz Radiocoblation surgery is an alternative to traditional plantar
    facsciitis surgery. It’s way less invasive, so patients can be back on
    their feet quickly with minimal healing time. It’s also very customizable,
    so the doctor can treat the exact area of the foot that needs the
    procedure. Watch this video to learn about how it’s done.

  8. Why Music when we are listening to some info…TURN IT OFF

  9. Fucking background music is so annoying

  10. Procedure appears extreme but also makes sence. However finding a qualified
    practioner seems challenging. I thought pf could be cured with regular
    exercises done on a very consistant basis which I am following and have
    begun to get relief from and always having arch support to align the c
    ankle, calf ,knee and thigh.
    Going to theraphy twice a week for a month was a waist of time.
    I did appreciate your vidio. Thank you for informing me of this procedure.

  11. Micheal Macmaster Reply April 29, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Is Planfasciron Secrets useful to cure your plantar fasciitis safely? We’ve
    read numerous good stuff about Planfasciron Secrets (look on google search

  12. Surgery?!?! Wow! What a rip off! No need for surgery believe me, talking
    from experience. PF happens when calves and soleus are tight and pull on
    you PF. Foam roll calves and soleus and pain will go away fast. And do YOGA
    people!!! Prevents all kinds if injuries. 

  13. Very Intresting. I just had surgery back in August 2009 for this problem,
    and I am so glad I did. I surffered for 2 yrs,of constant pain,and since
    surgery my foot been great. This did look quit promising also, but I hope
    my problem with my foot is finally done.

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  16. TruthAboutHeelPain Reply April 29, 2015 at 3:35 am

    Nice video on heel pain guys. We have put together a video to help to
    assess the risk factors and conservatively treat heel pain and plantar
    fasciitis from home

  17. I just had this surgery about a week ago it is painful atm when i stay on
    it for long period of time i hope i didn’t make a mistake and make my foot
    worse then it was before surgery

  18. I had this procedure done on both of my feet two times and it did nothing
    for me at all. I then had Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy’s done on both my
    feet and I now have no pain at all. The Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy
    worked great.

  19. @smallfellow yup, typo

  20. I think you mean 2-3mm apart, not cm.

  21. Dr Brandt Gibson Reply April 29, 2015 at 6:30 am

    Although resolution of symptoms vary from individual to individual, most
    show significant improvement within days. The plantar fascia takes 2-4
    weeks to heel, and pain usually resolves during this time. Most of our
    patients, however, are back in normal activities within 3-4 days of

  22. I had this treatment done the day before Thanksgiving last year. It felt
    better for awhile (after 2 months of pain~postop~ it was better for only 2
    months). Tomorrow morning I am going in for PF release. Ugh. I’ve had
    enough and ready to get back to running again.

  23. EXCELLENT explanation.

  24. Fascinating! Do you know if there are any state-of-art in the treatment of
    Achilles Tendonitis/bursitis? I am currently having cortisone injections
    which has only marginally reduced the pain in my heel (I am wondering if my
    doctor go the needled in the right place… I wasn’t actually experiencing
    pain the morning of the procedure and had to “remember” where the pain

  25. Now its 90% cured!

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