Serious Candida Die Off Symptoms | Exhausted Insomnia | Candida Treatment Day 20

Since starting Nystatin for a bad candida overgrowth It feels like my nervous system is in a chronic state of alert or hyper arousal. No matter how exhausted…
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  1. Bro u need to go on the 80/10/10 diet and your overgrowth will cure itself
    . Don’t listen to people who say otherwise .I bought a bunch or shit and
    nothing helped . Probiotics and everything , nothing worked . 3 days Into
    this diet and i had real die off. How I knew ? My tounge was white which is
    a sign of overgrowth but it started getting pinker and pinker day by day
    and trust I did feel the die off . There were days where I had insomnia ,
    dizziness and extreme fatique but within a month I was fully cured from
    something I had tried to eradicate with supplements for months . Fruit
    heals . Give it a shot and see if it works out . Nature never fails . Get
    of those meds btw they ain’t going to do nothing but mess up your organs .

  2. I understand. I was up for twelve days and lost half my hair. Shot
    adrenals. BEYOND EXTREME EXHAUSTION! Went to UCLA sleep clinic. They were
    useless, telling me I didn’t ave “regular hours”. Two hours of energy per
    day. Memory fried. Melatonin did not work. Or Valerian. Or anything else. I
    get it. Now I have raised welts of the itchiest hell. This has been years.

  3. I really emphasize with what you are going through! I highly encourage you
    to try supplementing with iodine. When i read that you had low testosterone
    low thyroid it made me think you may be iodine deficient? Just a thought .
    I hope you feel better! 

  4. Dude, I’m interested to know….did you ever take Accutane?

  5. You should heal the main cause of Candida infection to avoid the disease
    coming back for life.

  6. Bro, I feel your pain. I’ve been on a candida cleanse for 16 days also and
    I’m suffering bad from insomnia, I’m managing to get between 1-3 hours
    broken sleep a night, but when the body is detoxing it makes my moodswings
    uncontrollable. I’m arguing with people over the most trivial things and
    suffering from a ‘high’ which whilst being rather enjoyable, always seems
    to occur when I’m in work, the last place you need that to happen. I also
    usually come down from the high with the most crippling headaches, which
    can last for hours.
    All I can recommend is to get as much fresh air and exercise as you can and
    remember, the end will justify the means. Stay strong dude.

  7. The current treatment method with otc products and creams doesn’t
    guarantee the long-term end yet waste money and time.

  8. You need to go on Adrenal supports and panothanic acid which is B6 and B5
    to support your cortisol levels. I take them everyday. I was tested and
    adrenals were so bad I was stage 3 near Addison’s disease. I tried the
    candida diet and I was a mess. Wicked anxiety and depression and I smelled
    like yeast! Please get on supports! Vit c and Iodine for my low thyroid
    helped too! Good luck feel better,

  9. hang in there and stay strong

  10. thanks for information!!!!

  11. Get to the doctor and get some oral antifungal like sporonox. Get some
    Ambien to get some rest. Brush and tongue scrape every 4 hours… then
    swish in the nystatin. Or hydrogen peroxide. Start into some positive
    dialog with yourself. Sneak in some exercise. I have something similar…
    I look like hell. It is 12:58 and I am not tired. Check into a cpap
    machine to see if you have apnea. Fight the fight for sleep but don’t
    worry too much about it. Stick with the routine. I still take naps
    myself. hang in there.

  12. Gloria T. McGregor Reply January 10, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    The good news! It’s possible to stop your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    forever freedom from Yeast Infections within 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  13. Hello…. are you OK now??
    Just wanna hear your experience about die-off… how long did you
    experience this?
    I am positively diagnosed with GERD, and I think Candida is the culprit
    behind this. The GERD is positive, but the Candida issue is unconfirmed,
    because the doctor said I’m crazy.
    So, I began my “treatment” a week ago, started with Betaine HCl and
    turmeric etc., and since 5 days ago I feel extremely low energy….. I
    dunno how long it will last….. so tired, man…..

  14. Furthermore, I noticed your before and after pictures. I do make my own
    face cream and other hygiene items full of beautiful raw ingredients that
    are natural with no chemicals added. that will be a huge part of my blog
    also. I hope we can help each other! I can also feel my cortisol is through
    the roof. And it sucks to live this way. Back to basics=Back to Nature.
    There is no other way, for me.

  15. How are u know?

  16. You’re a really handsome man and you are amazing, you’re strong and you can
    get better, just trusth in you, i’m from Monterrey, méxico and i think you
    are a great person, you will get better. Love u <3 you can! 

  17. WOW, I have major sleep disorder. I am on a cocktail from lovely Big Pharma
    and this is very refreshing to know. Have you tried Greek Yogurt and
    Grapefruit oil I have major thyroid issues also, obviously to me from water
    et al. I have made many changes but I am lethargic constantly! Thank you
    for this video hun. I, like you, have SO much information to share and will
    be opening my blog very soon. Thank you. Love~N~Light~ Luna

  18. Just eat a few certain things every day – like sauerkraut, kimchee and
    yogurt. Sauerkraut and kimchee – HOME MADE… very easy to make and it
    only takes around 3 days before it will kick candida butt severely. If you
    have stomach aches, heartburn and such – just take a tablespoon of
    sauerkraut or kimchee juice… and watch it disappear. I am a Health
    Minister and I only suggest cheap, fast acting and efficient ways to allow
    a body to heal itself.

    Yahshua Messiah said that He was “the Bread of Life.” Adam and Eve ate
    bread, and; Adam almost made it to 1,000 years old without problems. All
    of the saints and prophets ate bread as a daily staple, and; some of them
    lived 1,000 years – give or take. Maybe the problem arises when one does
    not remember Yahshua Messiah when he or she eats their “Daily Bread.”

    No! – bread is one of the best things to eat; but some fool tries to claim
    that the BAKED AND DEAD yeast… some how resurrects and over rides the six
    pack of soda or beer a day, and; sixteen candy bars. Must be the bread and
    wheat products. Ever think that the wheat and such should have been kept
    “whole,” as the Messiah and His disciples ate daily. When the disciples
    walked through the field and grabbed handfuls of grain – did you ever read
    where they de-germ-ed it before they chewed it up and swallowed it?

    Such is as silly as not eating salt, which; is essential to your health –
    not table salt, but; sea salt, real salt and/or etc. – not salt with
    several chemicals on it to keep it from dissolving and helping our cells.
    After Medical science said that salt will kill you – people started
    dropping like flies, and why; because when autopsies were done on their
    bodies to see why they were dying… well – they discovered that these
    people didn’t have enough salt in their hearts… to keep it pumping. Did
    they ever tell you they lied? Nope, and why not?; BAD FOR BUSINESS!!!

    Then again some goofy individual spread around that organic milk and other
    dairy products are bad for you too… I guess Yahweh who created such
    things simply forgot about how bad it was for mankind – when he told Mosheh
    (Moses) and the children from Egypt… to go roam the deserts for 40 years,
    just so; they would enter into the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY… oh yeah – some
    guy started rumors that HONEY is bad too. I am so amazed with quacks that
    think they know more than our Creator… and anyway;

    MMS is also another BIG help – I take foot baths every other night (at
    least I try to do so); but, I really noticed the difference when I take my
    sauerkraut and/or kimchee – 1/4th cup in the morning… 1/4th cup in the
    afternoon or whenever I feel like it… and a nice swallow of the juice
    before I hit the sack.

    Another thing very beneficial is fresh organic lemon juice – with water and
    real honey. This will really help get rid of the over-spill of candida in
    the rest of the body – the lemon juice… freshly squeezed, acts like
    de-greaser on internal engine parts – it strips off the gunk and lets the
    body start to heal.

    There are many videos on making sauerkraut and kimchee on YouTube. I
    usually have 3 – 1/2 gallon glass pickle jars that I have on hand in my
    refrigerator. I offer it to all my friends and family when they come
    over… they like coming over more and more; because each time they come –
    they leave feeling better. I also talk them into MMS foot baths as well;
    but, I am amazed to see the results from simple things that they do not
    even know is a vital supplement for their ailments.

    Sauerkraut is so simple; and only take around 10 actual minutes of time to
    make up, three days to ferment – and it will keep for over a year in your
    fridge. I have a vegie slicer that slices things around 1/8th of an
    inch… I take a head of organic cabbage, an onion or two… jalapeno
    peppers if I want – carrots… I put down a layer in a big bowl of about an
    inch of cabbage mixture – then I sprinkle some CANNING AND PICKLING SALT on
    the layer of cabbage mixture – then I add another inch or so and put some
    more CANNING AND PICKLING SALT on there… around a tablespoon or two of
    the CANNING AND PICKLING SALT in total; and, I just let it set.

    I let it set for around 15 – 30 min. and then I take my fist and just push
    down hard on the contents of the bowl – it will have plenty of liquid that
    it makes by itself – so, you need no water or anything else for
    sauerkraut… for kimchee you will want to put in some Louisiana hot sauce.
    After you smashed up the cabbage and whatever else – just toss it into a
    glass jar – like my 1/2 gallon pickle jars I use… then take a quart or
    gallon baggie – place it in the jar and fill up the plastic baggie with
    water so that it will act as a seal. Place the jar in a bowl; because, it
    will start to bubble some of the liquid out if it is really a full jar.

    Let the jar or jars sit on your counter top for 3 days – then just yank out
    the plastic baggie and dig you out a forkful – delicious… put the cap on
    the jar and shove it somewhere in your fridge – right in the front of
    things so you won’t forget it. It really makes an excellent gift as well –
    I do not suggest that anyone cook the sauerkraut – you want all the living
    support you can get as it eats away the candida.

    Keeping the sauerkraut in a BIG jar in the front of the fridge really helps
    those who are being controlled by their candida. When you get the fridge
    open and are looking at what your candida wants you to eat; and you just
    cannot make up your mind what to feed them… just take a fork full or two
    of sauerkraut – you will be amazed how satisfying it will be on the
    stomach… soon you will control what you are eating instead of being
    driven to eat what them parasites want.

    One last thing – sorry this took so long; but – STOP EATING GMO FOODS… it
    is like putting gasoline into a diesel engine – or diesel into a gasoline
    engine… these Franken foods almost killed me – and have killed many
    others. If you don’t believe me – I challenge you to look up “Genetic
    Roulette” on YouTube – it may change your mind if the candida allows you to
    see the truth of the matter. You won’t be disappointed; and, it may save
    your life.


  19. It sounds like the candida has taken over your brain… it does that – that
    is why you got so tired when wanting to make a smoothie – it brings in
    armies of beneficial bacteria to battle with them – so… they tried to put
    you to sleep. Their control on your body is not unlike that of the Liver
    Fluke Worm… with ants spreading it by committing suicide. They eat snail
    slime which contains the Liver Fluke Worm eggs – a parasite takes over the
    ant’s brain so that it will climb up to the top of grass whenever a mammal
    that eats grass comes by… if they don’t get eaten – they go back down and
    act like ants again.

    Candida will also create a shadow government of sorts… it will encase the
    neural system of one’s brain, the synopsis… even coat the entire nervous
    system which will cause what your body really wants to take place – the
    candida interrupt the messages and then put in their own messages to
    the hypothalamus and other organs to make you act and do what they want you
    to do… even our own will becomes compromised and we end up catering to
    whatever the candida wants us to do. Candida knows you are it’s host –
    so… it does not want you to die, it may install fear to do anything so
    that you will not damage yourself in the more insane infestations… I know
    – I seldom leave my home – I don’t really do a thing, and now that I am
    mostly broke; I could not do anything now if I even wanted to…

    Consider what I wrote you below… you should avoid a die off – what I
    share is not so much a kill off; but, it makes them candida want to escape
    your body instead of die off so much… and it also builds up
    the beneficial bacteria content to get them into check. I have gone over a
    month before without any sleep – but… it is important to know that if you
    lay down and still cannot sleep – laying still for hours will still help
    your body to heal almost as it does while we sleep.

  20. I am oil pulling and just now having serious die off. Depression, anxiety
    and extreme fatigue with nausea 

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