Starve Out Yeast Dog Food Recipe This is a recipe I came up with for those whose dogs are struggling with yeast issues.
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  3. Miranda Michelle Sauve Reply November 8, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Can you please add me to facebook…. Miranda Michelle S or Miranda
    Michelle Sauve (Sarnia Ontario Canada) .
    I have a boston terrier 5 years old and like you have tried everything but
    this diet. I am in desperate need for help! Hes chewing himself raw!

  4. Are the eggs hardboiled to add volume to the food? Why aren’t they raw?

  5. meat is uncooked? what about Salmonella? and such from raw meat

  6. Turkey, lamb, buffalo (very healthy meat) or as I mentioned in my post,
    deer (venison). I live in the country & I can hunt enough meat to feed both
    my 90 pound dogs for about 6 months. Venison is a very lean meat! Fat grows
    on the outside of the muscle, as opposed to beef & other meats.

  7. Groovy music! Thanks for the advice! I like to use venison because it’s
    completely natural (no growth hormones, etc) instead of beef.

  8. Can you replace the beef with ground turkey? Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi, thanks for the info. how long will it take to see improvements he is
    very yeasty saw and hair falling out

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