Sugar – cause of Candida – Candida cause of Cancer

Explanation… Origin of your problems.

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  1. I have what is called “Septic Candidiasis”. I started studying it ten
    years ago to uncover the truth about this nasty fungal monster that goes
    from the bowel to the blood, overtakes glands/organs, creating death where
    it is allowed to grow. Mine found a safe place behind my ear, in my

    I will be publishing my discovery in an on line book, My Journey With
    Candida (slt:) )

    I believe I have found a secret cure for it. It is entirely 100% natural.
    I am ecstatic (if I can survive the extraction of the fungal colony). I
    have been treating it for 2 years now. It is still there. I have faith
    that what I am doing is going to remove it entirely…

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world is going on with my gut. I
    have recently switched to a pretty much plant-based diet almost a year ago
    and I was expecting my face/acne to clear up (I never had bad acne in the
    past). I eat a lot of fruit/fresh juice but I always end up so bloated and
    have terrible gas. I have to take enzymes with every meal and have recently
    added a probiotic. I suffer from IBS as well. 

  3. Damn, all this hysteria. It is perfectly normal for the human body to
    contain: Candida, Bacteria, Viruses, etc. and yes even Cancer cells. The
    immunes system is constantly dealing with these sorts of things. Problems
    arise when the immune system and detoxification process can not cope. There
    is no one size shoe fits all solution or cause. You are not going to starve
    Candida to death by depriving it of Sugar! If you do crave sugar as a
    result of Candida, these cravings tend to go away (along with other
    symptoms) as you move towards putting your body back into balance. I
    recommend starting with the G.I. Tract: a huge amount of the immune system
    and nervous system is located in the “poop” chute hence the: “Gut Brain
    Connection” (“made a believer out me”). Try Pro-Biotics, your Acidophilus,
    Bifidus etc. note dosages are not standard so start very slowly with
    minimal dosage, as detox process can be excessively uncomfortable. With
    “live” tablets I take with Bottled water (Chlorine kills, good Bacteria)
    with the intent of diluting the stomach so more pro-biotic gets to the
    gut (Rectal syringe for the perfectionist works!). I also recommend
    starting this process of taking Pro- Biotics early in the morning- one of
    the bodies natural Detox cycles is while you sleep, hence you could wake up
    feeling like crap. Easy does it, takes days, weeks, months keep going.
    I would than work on the small intestine (all 25 feet of it coiled up). Pau
    D’ Arco tea seems to work, again start off slowly. To prepare: slow boil
    (maybe 1/2 teaspoon? for starts), than let set for 10 minutes, strain and
    drink (has a “Earthy” taste to it).
    I have also used Kyolic Garlic with good results. Just work it back until
    hopefully your immune gets unloaded to the point it can deal with it.
    This is enough to get you going and build a good foundation of health.
    As Candida etc. is robust you do need to go at it, diet alone at least
    initially is probably not enough.
    I’m am not qualified (apparently some Doctors are not either) to treat and
    diagnose anything, however this type of strategy worked for me like about
    35 years ago. I’m still ticking with a reasonable level of health, I’m not
    a health fanatic.
    Don’t sweat it, just do it. Those with inherently, seriously, compromised
    immune systems will need to use other strategies most likely.
    I have never sought after or made a Dime on this sort of thing.
    Good luck and stop the whining already.
    A few more tips (what would I know).
    Yogurt: The only commercial grocery store Yogurt with any effect at all in
    my experience was “Continental” Brand Yogurt. I have not seen it lately.
    Presently I’m using Grocery Store probiotics, works just fine. Note the
    difference in 4 million, 40 million, 100 million, 1 Billion, etc. live
    organisms; it is quite significant, start slowly and work up. As for this
    stuff actually repopulating the gut successfully, I doubt it, may work on
    that sometime.
    Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar et. al.? whatever works, but I don’t think so.
    You Girls Douche with it or what? I drink it all the time, cleansing of the
    G.I Tract etc. has not been my experience. Stuff is hardy, you need to go
    at it at least initially.
    If there are ways of reducing or eliminating die-off symptoms I have no
    experience. Some of these symptoms may be due to Bacteria. I had heard of
    Charcoal and some sort of “Ionization” process, do your research.
    Antibiotic’s: Bacteria can be downright nasty. I have not taken any in 10
    years. If it is all that is available and you think you need it, personally
    if necessary I’ll take them. Whatever works, it’s called survival.
    I’m presently taking Walgreens multi-vitamin for Men (Chewing tablet up),
    it’s good enough. At times I will use the high performance supplements etc.
    I don’t sweat it. I’m fine for 60, will make to 70, maybe 80?. Change my
    Adult Diaper and then wipe me? I don’t think so. My “planetary” purpose has
    been fulfilled, I’m leaving.

  4. What if Probiotics are the sugar industry’s new fad to sell us on? lol just
    think its funny how this video changes all the sudden with breaking news
    from scientists about probiotics!!!

  5. It’s processed foods that cause the high rate of diseases in America,
    because in processed food there’s a lot of all the bad things that make you
    sick, like sugar, trans fat, salt, flour, and a lot of other horrible shit.
    In other countries, some groups of people eat mostly carbs and some groups
    of people eat mostly protein & fat, but they can all be healthy if they
    don’t eat American style processed foods. God damn US food industry has
    fucked us all over. The medical industry is part of the problem because
    they promote wrong information and ignore nutrition. They like to keep us
    sick so they can sell us as many drugs as possible.

  6. Sentinelle ! Sentinelle ! Reply March 26, 2015 at 12:13 am

    Vidéo explicative des ravages du sucre dans notre organisme : la cause de
    plusieurs cancers. (anglais)
    Même si vous ne comprenez pas l’anglais, les illustrations vous permettront
    de saisir l’essentiel du message.

  7. Edwinoel Tanglao Reply March 26, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Deadly heart attacks and cancer are a cause of stress, and the evil virus
    will be there in your system as it makes your body not able to resist
    because it come from evil in our pride and our materials needs as our gods.
    Who would want to poison people in companies like Nestle, Cola Cola,
    Pepsi, Gen Mills, and other companies who gives employment to many.

    What is evil in men in the pride of men into their attempt to become like
    gods to enrich themselves, at the expense of people ignorant of God’s
    Words, which strengthens the spirit that connects to the Spirit of God,
    that tells us the this life is on ‘time and space’ that will always be

    We need to seek God’s righteousness and to seek his kingdom, and see our
    spirit grow to rebuke evil in our pride and in ‘human intelligence’ that is
    being corrupted by evil, by Mammon who is our false master, letting us rely
    of money making schemes that will profit all things that are deceiving. It
    is in our spirit and in God’s words that we will see the truth that God
    tells us.

    If it is God that created you, why would you believe in another false
    master, Mammon in money and things material that leads you to idolatry,
    instead of believing in God’s commands and words that lead us to life that
    is so true in eternal love, the reward of everlasting life as we spread the
    gospel of truth.

    Love God with all your heart and soul, and with all your strengthen in your
    love of others sees you more free as you conquer what deceives you in
    things passing, and will never last. But God’s freedom in you gives you
    greater freedom in Christ, where eternal truth sets you free.

    I freed myself for my pride and surrendered my ‘self’ to God, and he made
    me survive a mild heart attack in 2002, and a mild stroke in 2010, why, he
    wants me to share in my experience of believing more in his as my true
    Master, that I only take antioxidants and my faith in Christ to keep my
    immune system that he created to make me closer to his in spirit.

    It is Christ Jesus who is our master, not Mammon, for money will lure you
    to deception and may kill you, in Christ, your are freed from anything that
    leads your pride to believe more of material things that become meaningless
    as ‘time and space’ pass and before you know it, you are being engulf by
    things that are of evil, with virus formed because of your idolatry, where
    believing more in your intelligence as more important that what God fills
    you in hour heart and souls, that your spirit may see more filling and more
    fulfillment in you because you have put God in Christ first, not evil which
    will never stop until you veer yourself away from Jesus, and put money and
    Mammon in evil rule you.

    As in Matthew 16:25, in ‘divine logic’ and in ‘divine wisdom’ of God, where
    in our faith, miracles of life happen to make a spectacle of things evil,
    as seen in as God’s presence in us, where no evil may become our master,
    where God in Christ is, our true Master and there is no other, as Jesus
    himself said of what is eternally true, “For whoever wants to save their
    life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me (Jesus) will find

    Blessings as we become more freed and saved in the light of truth in Christ.

  8. You don’t need probiotics, again that’s just marketing, business making
    money. Eat raw foods, fruits and vegetables, coconut meat, these have
    friendly bacteria. Oh, herbs too!

  9. I have what is called “Septic Candidiasis”. I started studying it ten
    years ago to uncover the truth about this nasty fungal monster that goes
    from the bowel to the blood, overtakes glands/organs, creating death where
    it is allowed to grow. Mine found a safe place behind my ear, in my

    I will be publishing my discovery in an on line book, My Journey With
    Candida (slt:) )

    I believe I have found a secret cure for it. It is entirely 100% natural.
    I am ecstatic (if I can survive the extraction of the fungal colony). I
    have been treating it for 2 years now. It is still there. I have faith
    that what I am doing is going to remove it entirely…

  10. I have had 2 stage 4 cancers at once only help was Jehovah afrikanus an
    cancer treatment centers of america in Philly Dr. Shayma Kazmi .stem cell
    transplant I,m alive 4 yrs. After doctors in va. Gave me 6months only Jesus
    knows ur time. Keep your HOPE an faith safe from USA corporate run fake CTCA for 2nd eval.if I can do it u can.b well .

    LOSS 16oz – 121419065302 on Ebay. It helps remove candida. The best detox.

  12. thanks so much for uploading this video i can show this to my family who
    think im the crazy person just because im trying to get healthy ive been on
    the candida diet for 2 months now i got a little rash but its a die off
    symptom and i feel like a new man! lol tmi but yea society is thoroughly
    indoctrinated no need to join the military 

  13. ever notice that these “whistle blower” ads, blogs and videos all contain a
    hand drawing everything?? haha seems weird. 

  14. eat garlic oregano oil pumpkin seeds and coconut oil keep these suckers in
    check 80/20

  15. Kimchee LikeAMan Reply March 26, 2015 at 4:57 am

    At 26:40 it mentions what it would be like if you stopped brushing your
    teeth… Which made me think that people might not realize that toothpaste,
    floss, and mouthwashes all contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, too.
    Well, now ya know.

  16. We r brainwashed with wrong facts on sugar. Our bodies need fruit which is
    a natural sugar for fuel. We r not eating enough fruit and eating processed
    white sugar. You eat domino sugar, for example, not a natural sugar, u will
    have candida. People like dr Robert morse, who is a fruitarian , will tell
    u this. 

  17. *Candida is a form of yeast that exists naturally in everyone. It is
    normally harmless and is simply present in the body. However, if the body
    for one reason or another falls out of balance, candida can grow
    excessively, leading to a host of problems.*

  18. I am diabetic and was having problems controlling my blood sugars,
    developed nausea and gastroparesis. I found out that the candida was the
    reason it was affecting my digestive system!!! It was terrible!! I could
    hardly eat, I was nauseous all time. Then I found something natural to
    help me and my blood sugars are more stable, inflammation has gone down, my
    naseau is gone. Now I learn all I can about candida and digestive issues,
    I’ve read so many articles about how your gut is 75-80% of where your
    health lies.

  19. Totally validates everything I’ve been saying!

  20. Awesome video thanks for sharing

  21. Never heard of candida till 2015, must be bullshit

  22. Definitely worth a watch, also has Jewspicious elements, who would have

  23. Great video. The only part I wonder about is how reputable Dr. Tullio
    Simoncini is. If you do a little bit of research, he’s an advocate of using
    Sodium Bicarbonate as a treatment for cancer/candida. This is where it
    becomes difficult, as there are people who have said it has worked for
    them, but there are also many who have died whilst receiving this
    treatment. Simoncini was found guilty of manslaughter, though was pardoned
    by Silvio Berlusconi.

    I can understand that if this were all true, and Simoncini’s treatment
    genuinely works, big pharmaceutical companies would do their best to stamp
    it out as conventional cancer medicine, chemotherapy and radiation, are
    worth billions upon billions of $. 

  24. It’s too late…


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