That Truth about Candida…what works, what doesn’t

Candida Albicans is more than just yeast- for most people, it’s already mutated into a more aggressive fungal form that eats holes through the intestinal tract causing many of todays health…
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  1. Markus Rothkranz Reply March 30, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    Also important info about probiotics in this video and many misconceptions
    explained. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, Markus! Luckily we knew much of this information just from
    following you for so long, but still learned some new tidbits and always
    appreciate your videos. James is like a walking encyclopedia of nutrition.
    We have been making some great smoothies with your green formula, your
    protein formula, and your vitamin C. I have been looking through your
    beautiful Love On A Plate cookbook too and can’t wait to make some of the
    recipes. I just received the irish moss and will be soaking that up to make
    some gel for the recipes. Rock on. Markus! I am so proud of all the
    progress that you have made in the past 5 years! Love and hugs to you and
    Cara from Michigan! 

  3. I had a Candida problem years ago and got rid of it with a 100% Fruit
    diet…aka ALL SUGAR!…how do u explain that?

  4. When you say no sugar, are you talking about fruit sugar? I have read
    several articles about this and actually spoke with a couple of natural
    physicians, and they said I shouldn’t eat fruit or any sugary foods. I
    actually felt better when doing this, but I felt bad because I love fruit
    and I enjoy being vegan. The only thing that didn’t give me chronic yeast
    infections was eating meat and vegetables. If anyone has another resolution
    for me, please comment. I’m really grateful for your feedback.

  5. Anastasia Sharpe Reply March 30, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you for another great and informative video. Celery and apples are my
    go to foods right now. Glad to know that it’s the right kind of fibre. Also
    just a little off topic here I wanted to say that since I have been taking
    your vitamin C powder and your Wild Greens my long time aging eyes problem
    has been reversing itself. I find myself reading again and half hour
    afterwards realize my glasses are on top of my head and I have been reading
    without them. The Wild Greens and Vitamin C is the only thing I can think
    of that has been added to my diet. Plus getting closer to my raw food goal.
    Just wanted to say thank you and I cannot wait to see your next video/movie

  6. Hello, I have been looking for the liquid probiotic but there are none
    available in my town? Where else could I look? It there a company you know
    online? I am also starting to make fermented foods as well. Thanks!!!!

  7. This might be a very stupid question but do you ever miss your old
    lifestyle and if you compare your life now and 30 years ago, which is
    better and why?

  8. wouldnt those whole food starches feed our healthy flora just as well? like
    sourdough bread for example is quite acidic and would feed acid loving
    bacteria right?

  9. Peter Christiaens Reply March 30, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    Thank you Markus! Excellent video about this important subject!

  10. Sauerkraut made in the VitaMix is amazing (:

  11. Also +Markus Rothkranz do you think durian will feed the Candida

  12. Great info, thank you. I have candida overgrowth myself and I used apple
    cider vinegar and fermented foods for a few weeks. My skin broke out in
    eczema and itchy rashes, my face was swelling up and got itchy and it
    stopped once I stopped using these products. Was it caused by the ACV and
    fermented foods or could it have been something else? Some say that
    fermented foods feed candida. I really want to heal but not sure if I can
    do it this way.

  13. Thanks to you both! Any tips for someone that eats well but just the
    slightest sugar can easily offset the growth? My diet is morning dark leafy
    greens with almond milk avocado chlorella guar gum glutamine marshmallow
    root flax fibre blend with drop of stevia and cacao, lunch raw salad with
    curry apple cider vinegar olive oil and Himalayan salt snacks are almonds
    and celery and dinner is meat of some sort or vegetable soup try not to
    cook my cooked food too much. I like to enjoy a gluten free cookie or a few
    squares of chocolate once in a while. 

  14. Clive-Albert Dodd Reply March 30, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    A very technical discussion for the layman or woman, did not really
    understand the terms and what the remedy really is. I got eat fiber, so
    Celery, Green Apples and fermented foods. Can you please simplify for the
    none technical. Thanks.

  15. Rice and oat bran? That’s sugar too! Raw ketogenic diet works best to
    control Candida

  16. Markus, I had a few ideas for videos (If you haven’t done them already)
    *Going Raw when you’re a (poor) college student 😀
    *Tour of what’s inside your cabinets/fridge
    *Vlog when you buy groceries/pick plants

  17. Brilliant thanks so much guys :)

  18. Can kombucha stabilize the candida?

  19. Markus I believe I found probably one of the answers on my chronic fatigue
    I’ve had recurring prostate infection going on over 15 years I’m always on
    Cipro antibiotic. Every time I get the infection I’m tired but then I
    noticed as I take the anabiotic I’m more rundown! I hate sauerkraut I’ll
    definitely start buying some Kiefer and enteric coated acidophilus pills.
    When he said he eats rice bran and oh brand is that like in a stereo form
    and Marcus is there anything else you recommend????????????????

  20. Markus? Could you make a video about the huge problem of fructose
    intolerance, it’s a big problem for many. Or at least mention here what to
    do about it? Thank you.

  21. Thank you

  22. I cured my candida overgrowth by fasting on chlorella, 6 Tablespoons a day.
    I took this much chlorella for 6 months and weaned myself for another six
    months. It works!!!!!!! 

  23. What if you have issues with fibre? I’ve been juicing and then straining it
    through a nut milk bag because the fibre causes actual stomach pain and
    painful bowel spasms in the lower right of my abdomen.
    Just curious because people talk about what to do but I haven’t been able
    to. If I eat veggies I have to cook them for an hour to be able to eat them
    without pain. My one saving grace the last while has been eating Raw
    Sauerkraut with my eggs every morning.
    I crave juices but alkaline juices will cause my stomach to real in agony
    and anything acid causes my bowel to inflame. I feel dehydrated all the
    time that’s why I like the juice!
    I’ve made leaps and bounds because it took me almost five years to figure
    out why I could only eat a handful of foods. Once i told the Dr. I thought
    it was Candida in my gut he gave me a Diflucan pill and bang I could start
    I find HCL supplement helps and doesn’t inflame my gut.
    Crazy stuff!
    Thank you for your dedication to helping others by getting more information
    out. I very much appreciate you and Cara!
    God Bless! 

  24. Thanks Markus and James after having IBS for nearly 27 years I came across
    Markus youtube channel , at this point I was at the end of my road, lost my
    job as a result of my IBS and still unemployed today because I live in a
    rural area, after getting some of Markus’s parasite free and taking it for
    three months I started filling my old self again, after going to countless
    Doctors that new little about it, I also started making water kefir as
    Markus suggested , I can tell you this James is right when he said
    antibiotics do not help, Because this is where my problem stared for sure,
    over 27 years ago I had a operation and after getting over the opp I was
    working long hours 16 to 17 hour days, then started getting colds more
    often, I had to be at work it was a family business so I got some
    antibiotics, BIG MISTAKE I have track it back to that point , before then I
    felt bulletproof and was very fit, I’m not saying this to build up Markus
    James these guys are on point, I have know doubt about that. don’t let this
    happen to you I lost 27 years of my life because I took antibiotics, now
    maybe there is a time for antibiotics but BE WARNED be very very careful of
    choosing to take these things, You helped save my life Markus thankyou for
    what you are doing . 

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