Treating Candida Albicans overgrowth with Lufenuron – Part 4

The purpose of this video (and subsequent videos) is to share my experience using Lufenuron to treat Candida Albicans overgrowth. I have just completed my 14…
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  1. Connect and Inspire Reply June 5, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    That’s great to hear that you’re having some success. Let me know how you
    go once you’re finished.

  2. In Brazil its impossible to have official Lufenuron,There is a site wich I don´t know if it is trustable.
    Can I safely drink lufenuron for Dogs?

  3. Hi I took Lufenuron treatment a third time and then I started having a
    funny taste in my mouth when I ate food for about 7 days. I am finally
    getting more strength. I wonder if I should take a fourth treatment. 

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with Lufenuron , I on day 4 of my
    Lufenuron treatment I’ve finished the 3 day dose,
    I’m noticing a mild headaches, a mild improvement in my mood and brain fog
    seems to have started clearing slowly. I still have a thrush on my tongue
    and hope it’ll disappear by the end of the treatment.
    I’ve had candida for years without knowing and recently starting taking
    anti candida supplements and experienced die off symptoms, so I think the
    die off won’t be that severe this time because this isn’t my first battle
    with candida.

  5. candida cleanse Reply June 5, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    I have been through this cleanse as well works well used this product amazing results even in the first week

  6. Hi I started Lufenuron 15 days ago for Systemic Candidiasis. I tried many
    other things like probiotics, diets, herbs and oxygen by hydrogen peroxide
    drinks. Well those are not good enough and expensive. I had die off on day
    3,4 and 5 and lingering symptoms so far but I drink much water and that
    seems to help. Yesterday I started the 2nd round off Lufenuron and I ate
    plenty of fat with it 3 corn tortillas with chicken onion tomato skillet
    along with milk. 

  7. Stephanie Milner Reply June 5, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    I also live in Brazil , you can get Candida Release from
    they will even send a drs prescription/medical certificate so it passes all
    customs clearance

  8. I’ve taken about 60-80 grams of Lufenuron over the course of 3 months give
    or take, this all occurred in the latter half of last year. I spent the
    first month coughing up black crap, blowing it out of my nose, intense
    muscle fatigue which stayed until I figured out that the dead candida had
    left scar tissue behind, occluding blood vessels and nerves, it needed to
    be worked out via massage. My hearing returned with a vengeance, both in
    volume and clarity. My senses have heightened, more nerve activation so I
    can actually tell what’s going on in my body! My nails changed in shape,
    smell and colour.

    My entire body was infected and I had no idea, because I never knew what it
    was to be ‘normal’. This is something I caught in the womb from my mother,
    as she started to exhibit major symptoms before and around my birth. Fungal
    spores can travel through the umbilical cord so that’s no surprise.

    The Vaughter method of 3 grams per meal is not ideal. Some people can’t
    absorb that much fat. What I did is mix each 9 gram bag in to a 200 ml cup
    of cream, add a bit of cocoa and sugar/stevia for taste and have a teaspoon
    after each meal ensuring full absorption.

    For a complete parasite cleanse, try taking Vermox (Mebendazole) at the
    same time as lufenuron. Other parasites love to hide in Candidas chitin
    ‘fortress’. In Australia it comes in 100mg tabs, dosed twice per day for 3
    days (600mg total) 

  9. Carolyn Elizabeth Reply June 5, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    Just watched this, I did the http://www.candidarelease detox as well 2 months ago
    kills all the parasites inside the candida as well … Its intense but I
    feel amazing now … Well done love your work :)

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