Ultimate Introduction to No-Knead Bread (4 Ingredients… No Yeast Proofing… No Mixer)

New and improved “Introduction to No-Knead Bread”… shorter with improved technique. The recipe and technique in this video is included in… My No-Knead Bread Cookbook Available in eBook…
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25 Responses to “Ultimate Introduction to No-Knead Bread (4 Ingredients… No Yeast Proofing… No Mixer)”

  1. Thanks for sharing your recipes but also for talking to the people here.
    Its nice to have a connection with someone actually doing the video. I have
    seen many out there where you have questions and no on answers them so your
    left hanging. :)

  2. Love you video. The first 3 times I made your bread they came out
    perfectly. 2 were cheese the other plain. I used rapid yeast and regular
    flour. But the dough never was a firm ball like yours is after mixing the
    fist time. The last 2 times after the dough sat in the oven with the light
    on the dough was extremely loose, to the point that it just spread on the
    parchment paper. Once again it was not a tight ball after mixing the first
    time. I do not fold the dough on a floured surface but rather use
    parchment paper since the dough is so loose. I think the problem is from
    the very start. The bread was tough, but not wet in the center. I cannot
    figure out what I am doing incorrectly. The first 3 times they came out OK
    but they were never like yours in the beginning of your video. I like the
    taste but I would like to improve the texture. ( the last one I made it
    wouldn’t rise at all and I am using the same yeast jar.) Please Help!.

  3. Your videos are awesome! Can you do a video explaining the different kinds
    of yeast…rapid rise vs instant vs breadmaker yeast. It gets a little
    confusing for me.

  4. Steve, thanks for the recipe and the great video. I have just mixed my
    dough and it is resting now. I only have a 3.5 qt oval dutch oven. I’m
    assuming this will work with the oval shape but am now wondering if I
    should have made any adjustment in the recipe for the heat store shape?
    Any thoughts? How do I purchase your cookbooks?

  5. I made this recipe exactly as specified the first time and it came out
    perfectly! I wanted to change it up the second time and increased the salt
    to 2 teaspoons and added 2 tablespoons of sugar, just because. It came out
    so well and had a slightly sweet taste. This recipe is so versatile. My
    Family loved it and I highly recommend it.

  6. Just bought your book. I am in bread heaven! 

  7. Does’t it taste too yeasty, almost like it had alcohol?

  8. I love this bread!!!! Only mine seems a little dense. How do I get more air
    ..bigger air bubbles?

  9. Steve this method is genius. For the first time I can make bread! But I
    want to branch out a little and here is my question. Can you use this
    overnight proofing method with a dough that has milk and eggs? Won’t the
    milk and eggs get….funky (full of bacteria)?

  10. I really want this bread to turn out but it just doesn’t. I use an
    enameled cast iron dutch oven and follow the directions as shown. The
    bread looks and taste wonderful but the crust is so hard it is very
    difficult to slice. I took the top off the dutch oven for 5 minutes before
    removing bread from oven but when removing the top the bread already looked
    to crusty. Please help !!

  11. hi steve! hello from seoul, korea ^.^ i am a new subscriber!
    do you flour the sides of dutch oven before popping in the dough?? 

  12. Followed your excellent instructions and made the most wonderful bread
    ever! Used my cast iron dutch oven to bake it and am amazed with the result
    from 4 simple ingredients. Many thanks! Must try all your other

  13. Steve, you are a great teacher. I have been making ciabatta for a few
    months now but after watching your videos, I made the best ciabatta ever!
    Thank You!

  14. Hi Steve,
    why do you sometimes flour around the bowl and sometimes turn it out onto
    the counter: Thanks.

  15. Caroline De Meyer Reply March 31, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    You are my favourite baker!!!!

  16. I’ve been trying for a week to follow other people to make good bread.
    Yours has been successful on my first go! Thanks for showing us the old
    fashioned way, just like my mother did with the same perfect result.

  17. My goodness i want to try this recipie for sure, thanks Steve for showing

  18. hmmmm.. thats no dutch oven like any i grew up with, because u handled it
    way 2 easily- so what is it?

  19. I asked a question yesterday and don’t see it anywhere? How do you store
    this bread…in a large bag? or ??

  20. what happened to your old kitchen?

  21. Hi Steve! I have been watching your videos all afternoon and I am
    intrigued! I love making bread but have only made traditional bread which
    included kneading. I have been making sour dough bread and wondered if I
    could use my sourdough starter which is at 50% hydration (fed with 1 cup
    flour to 1/2 cup water). If I use my starter do I add only 8 oz. water?
    You are the best at walking through the steps. Nice job! I also love
    your kitchen. Beautiful design.

  22. Ultimate Introduction to No-Knead Bread (4 Ingred…:

  23. Nareumon Richings Reply March 31, 2015 at 8:01 pm
  24. Hello
    I love your recipes. I just made the dough for cheesie bread with cheddar
    Am i correct….i mean….1 bread in a pan is 30 min in the oven. But when
    you make small ones is half the time? Is that always with any bread?

    And a…just curiosity…did you move or am i wrong but this kitchen seems
    different then in other youtubemovies…or did you rebuild?

    Tnx again

  25. Just a little tip: if you bend up the tip of your salt pour spout it is
    always easier to open. No more trying to get your nail under it. 

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