Understanding Candida (with Dr. Doug Graham)

http://rawfamily.com/ Author Douglas Graham explains in simple terms how tot reverse symptoms of Candida.
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  1. logical sounds right, a mild tinea versicolor started last year when I went
    overboard with red palm oil and coconut oil literally, then still on with
    the coconut oil the candida symptoms kicked in a few months later. Both
    oils are very saturated they solidify at room temperature so it’s pretty
    understandable that these are way more viscous on the system.
    Thought I did not associate the oils and blood sugar I figured out that it
    was messing up my nutrients absorbtion and weight gain by certainly coating
    my gut when I observed how oily and shiny my poop was, it took a good 2-3
    months to flush it out.

  2. Hey, wanna get rid of your candida? Just join Doug on a Costa Rican water
    fast! Only $12,000 . . .

  3. this man has been eating fruits and veggies for over 30 years now and he
    looks like crap ! ! !


  5. You will find a natural treatment method can cure yeast eternally without
    having medicines, creams and lotions or supplements, yet no unintended side
    effects although you may have extremely severe Candida Infection. 

  6. I read dailylipids blogs which contradicts this guy. Chris Masterjohn is an
    expert on fats.

  7. Mr Spock ?

  8. The good news! It’s possible to get rid of your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    permanent freedom from Yeast Infections within 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  9. This is utter garbage

  10. doug would you please tell us your RDA for fat

  11. Whats wrong with his finger?

  12. Chronic Heaven The ProGODnosis Reply November 20, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    What if the only reason your Candida is imbalanced is BC of your sexual

  13. He does not look good in this video. It may be the angle. He looks better
    in other videos. So far I have found 80 10 10 effective for Candida. I
    tried cutting out all the fruits before, and it didn’t work for me.

  14. Coconut and butter healed my gut. High fruit caused MASSIVE problems of all

  15. doesn’t the high amount of fructose in the body overloads the liver? I’ve
    decreased the amount of fat consuming, and I’m still having problems with

  16. Don’t listen to this goofy quack please. This guy has no clue how human
    physiology works. Its just another way for him to spew his ignorant crap
    about his radical diet. Coconut oil is nearly pure saturated fat and it has
    been PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY to be extremely effective against several forms
    of candida. Don’t let your ignorance or his ignorance persuade you. He’s
    just another radical diet proponent whos hellbent on this 80 10 10 theory,
    which is a lot better than the standard american diet, but no where near
    the balance the body requires. There’s no science behind what he says about
    candida, and there’s no science behind this 80 10 10 theory being optimal.

  17. The good news! You are able to get rid of your Candida overgrowth & enjoy
    forever freedom from Yeast Infections in just 12 hours – Guaranteed!

  18. Have You seen the Video By Dr. Linda Allen ?
    There is a New Way to Cure Yeast Infection And in Less than 12 Hours !
    Simply go to google and search for:
    *cure-yeast-infection.co-m* and click the first result to watch the video

  19. I agree to disagree. I think that we should not have parasites in our guts.
    Candida has been reported to be 100% parasitic.

  20. Scary creature ! 

  21. I don’t mean to sound horrible, but Doug does not look healthy, 

  22. Candida feeds off sugar! It’s not fat causing it, of course unhealthy fat
    will cause problems.

  23. how about when someone eats starch with fat, their blood sugar rises
    because starch gets converted to glucose, but fat is blocking insulin
    action, and they eventually might develop type 2 diabetes, but *no candida*.
    How come candida doesn’t save them from high blood sugar ? Only elevated
    fructose type of sugar combined with fat causing candida outbreak? – The
    answer is that fructose requires liver function to be metabolized, but if
    the liver is busy processing fat, then candida gets all that fructose to
    eat, and that’s why it goes out of control.

  24. hair is more than diet, if he’s worried about something, doesn’t lift
    weights, etc. these things lead to male hair thinning, diet is the
    supplement to hair food, mood and lifestyle is factor too. Im not sure what
    diet your trying to bash with this statement, but i wanted to make it clear
    thin hair and diet aren’t the only connection

  25. I previously had extreme swelling and burning sensation in all the wrong
    places, like my chin and busts and I felt very exhaustion at all times. And
    now, It’s been almost 7 months I’ve maintained my candida yeast infection
    freedom ever since. To find out more, see: help1.info/yeast-infection-cure

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