What is Ringworm? How Do You Cure It?

Two quick cures for itchy, annoying ringworm. Hint: It’s not an anti-fungal cream. Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison is an award-winning chemist with a ma…

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25 Responses to “What is Ringworm? How Do You Cure It?”

  1. what??? are you for real??? does it really help it???

  2. I have the Blue Star thingy and it actually does stop the itch, but I
    mainly use this anti-fungal ointment from Walmart and it like makes it go
    away in like a week or so

  3. Do not use a steroid cream it makes it alot bigger

  4. Can’t recall ever having ringworm, although I did once have a ring around
    my worm …..

  5. do videos on boils cure.

  6. nabeen(goldeneagle) Reply May 30, 2014 at 7:38 am

    I had tried canoid-B, bechlotime , dipsalic oniment creams. Its been
    several months.now my body is soiling around worm.none of medicine is

  7. Thanks man!!!!! Everybody else ask for money to tell you the cure! Like
    you, I will pass it on!!!!

  8. Does not Work NOPE

  9. You might just want to go to a doctor and get some antibiotics if you have
    had it for that long.

  10. Screw that, use topical iodine!!

  11. IntenseObservation Reply May 30, 2014 at 10:37 am

    For the ringworm I had, Vicks did help stop my itching, but it didn’t
    really stop growing. I went to my doctor. She prescribed, KETOCONAZOLE
    cream 2%. Over the counter is 1%, but the 2% your doctor has to prescribe.
    I don’t know if your ring worm was as bad as mine, but the vics does stop
    the itching by replacing it with a cool/burning feeling. I have
    KETOCONAZOLE on my jaw, since that is were it is and it feel like it’s not
    there and I can see it get smaller. Try 1% over the counter first.

  12. 2 months of waiting. Well did it?

  13. i’lll come back and write a good comment if it works for me

  14. thankyou

  15. Vapor rub doesn’t work. I thought you were supposed to keep it dry?!

  16. I have a ring worm infection in the crease of my elbow for the past 3
    weeks. I have been using Lamasil and tea tree oil, but the infection has
    been spreading from a dime sized infection to the size of a soft ball. Last
    night I almost cut my arm off (like in that movie “127 hrs”). I remembered
    seeing someone post about Selsun Blue. I ran to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and
    washed my arm as directed (1 minute x’s 2 applications). INSTANT relief. In
    less than 24hrs, it has almost disappeared.

  17. 2 months of waiting. Well did it?

  18. Has it disappeared completely? I’d like to know as I’ve had a bad case of
    ringworm on my fingers for the past year.

  19. I have a ring worm

  20. eyeseechristian Reply May 30, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    LOL, well it goes away, for like 2 weeks and comes back. It’s been like
    that for a while, but yes, I guess I’ll go to the doctor. Thanks.

  21. IntenseObservation Reply May 30, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    THANKS! THANKS! AND THANKS AGAIN!!!! I got ringworm for the first time and
    when I put those anti fungi cream on them, they didn’t really work. It got
    to a point where I wanted to tear off my cheek and that is wear I have
    them. The beard area and it’s the worst place to have it. When I saw your
    vid, I ran to CVS right away and put on vicks vaporub and the crazy itching
    stopped!!! 😀 Thanks man! I will come back and let you know if the rings
    disappeared. It’s a holiday and my clinic is closed lol.

  22. oregano oil, strongest thing ever be careful

  23. Shane Ellison, you rock. You would go perfectly with Dr. Joel Wallach and
    Dr. Peter Glidden. See their vids on YouTube. Thanks for your work.

  24. Bleach works better. Dilute the bleach in warm water and dap it every
    night. It will go away in 3 days. Guaranteed.

  25. teawithal3uml3lel3ee Reply May 30, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Thumbs up if the reason you clicked on this had nothing to do with

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